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🎉Online New Years Hackathon 🥂

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@benjaminspakBenjamin N. Spak

Your attention; can I haz it?

Hello, my name is Benjamin Spak. You are a web developer. Prepare for swag and prizes.

CodeCareer.org is hosting a New Years Hackathon. You are invited!

I know what you might be thinking.

Wait! Do I need pants?!

Nope! No pants needed. It’s an online event!

You may be thinking

Okay, you had me at no pants. But, how do I get these stickers you mentioned? And, what else is in it for me?

  1. Register for the Hackathon

2. Build a new project that will help fellow web developers.

3. Stream the creation process via Periscope(Twitter) or Twitch between December 28th -December 31st.

Chat with other developers, while you build. Have fun. Be eligible to win more prizes & giveaways.

Judging starts the 31st.

Sign up now! Or before the deadline on December 28th.

See the event website for details, FAQs & awards.

See you there; citizen of the internet!



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