One of the Biggest Roadblocks is a Lack of True, Real, Leadershipby@scottdclary
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One of the Biggest Roadblocks is a Lack of True, Real, Leadership

by Scott D. ClaryMarch 27th, 2023
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Leadership is the art of influencing, guiding, and hyping up others to build something together. It's about setting a vision, prioritizing, sparking that fire, and building trust. Without it, your business ain't gonna thrive, innovate, or hold its own in this fast-paced world.
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Everyone who’s reading this is out there grindin', always pushing your limits and searching for those game-changing moves to take your business to the next level. 

You're all about innovation, opportunity, and delivering that value to your customers, team, and stakeholders.

But hold up. 

It feels like it’s all uphill.

You might be feeling like your business isn't quite running the way you know it should/could be running. 

It’s times like these we need to pause and get real and ask ourselves, "Am I the one holding it back?" 

One of the biggest roadblocks I see is this: a lack of true, real, leadership.

Leadership, is the art of influencing, guiding, and hyping up others to build something together. It's about setting a vision, prioritizing, sparking that fire, and building trust.

Small startup or global powerhouse, it doesn't matter—leadership is the key to success. Without it, your business ain't gonna thrive, innovate, or hold its own in this fast-paced world.

I had this amazing conversation with Dr. Kimberly Janson, and her insights on leadership and company culture got me seriously inspired. It's a topic that needs more attention, so we're diving in, folks.

In this piece, we're gonna break down what makes a great leader, how to level up your leadership skills, and how to skyrocket your business to new heights.

Ready? Let's get it!

What is Leadership?

This subject's been picked apart for centuries, but listen up, it's not just about calling the shots or making choices. 

Leadership is about influencing, guiding, and motivating your squad to crush those shared goals. It's a mix of traits, skills, and actions that let you fire up and steer your team, company, or community to win big.

It's all about crafting a vision, setting priorities, sparking enthusiasm, and building trust. To be a leader that people will rally behind, you gotta clearly express your vision and goals, communicate like a pro, and be the driving force that empowers and inspires your team to take action.

And let's be real, you also need the guts to make hard calls, adapt to change on the fly, and tackle obstacles like a boss.

Seems like a tall order? Yeah, it is.

That's why leadership can be such a tricky and touchy subject for many entrepreneurs. A lot of them like to think they're born "natural leaders," but they don't invest time in self-reflection or evaluating their leadership effectiveness.

This is a critical exercise, because top-notch leadership can mean the difference between epic success and crashing and burning.

Why Leadership Is Everything

Let me break it down for you: leadership is the lifeblood of your entire operation. You're the trailblazer, the goal-setter, the decision-maker, and the team motivator.

Whether you're a solopreneur, hustling in a startup, or running a corporate giant, there are four key reasons why you need to be a top-tier leader.

Vision Crafting

Laying out the vision is everything. You gotta paint that bright, shiny future and make sure your team is pumped to chase it. A clear, electrifying vision keeps your crew focused, amped, and all-in.

Your vision should be bold, actionable, and meaningful. It's gotta vibe with your values, purpose, and mission, and resonate with your team, customers, and stakeholders. A killer vision builds a killer culture and gives everyone a sense of belonging and purpose.

Staying Competitive

Strong leadership keeps you ahead of the pack. A badass leader can lay down crystal-clear goals and communicate like a pro so everyone's on the same wavelength, grinding together towards those targets.

This creates a culture where innovation, collaboration, and levelling up are the norm – all crucial for staying at the top of your game.

The Talent Attractor

Great leadership is a talent magnet. People wanna work for leaders who inspire, got their back, and are all about helping them shine.

A true leader creates a positive, empowering atmosphere where employees feel valued, respected, and driven to give their best. This builds a loyal, committed team that's key to holding onto top talent and ensuring long-term success.

Growth and Victory

Last but not least, true, real, next-level leadership fuels growth and victory.

A skilled leader makes the tough calls, rolls with the punches, and smashes through obstacles, helping their team and company unlock their full potential. They fire up and motivate their team to take action and build a culture of accountability where everyone delivers the results.

Not Everyone's Born Ready to Lead

Becoming a real leader isn't an overnight deal. It takes time, effort, and a dedication to personal growth.

We all want to think we've got the confidence, charisma, and charm to lead, but the truth is, most of us need to work at it daily.

There's a ton to consider when stepping into a leadership role. I've narrowed down a few key things to think about:

Personality Type: Your personality influences your leadership style, communication skills, and problem-solving approach. Knowing your personality, strengths, and weaknesses helps you interact better with others and identify areas to improve.

Energy Levels: Your energy impacts your ability to lead. Great leaders need high energy, enthusiasm, and positivity to inspire and motivate their team. Prioritise your physical and mental health and maintain a solid work-life balance.

Communication Skills: Communication is the backbone of leadership. Effectively articulating your vision and goals is vital. Good leaders listen actively, build rapport, and provide feedback. Enhance your communication skills to build trust, resolve conflicts, and make better decisions.

Motivation Style: Knowing your motivation style is key. Some people thrive on rewards, while others need recognition, feedback, or growth opportunities. Understand your motivators and your team's to inspire, engage, and retain them.

Learning Agility: Your ability to learn fast from experiences, failures, and successes is a game-changer. Being learning agile means adapting quickly to new info, changing direction, and pivoting when needed. Recognize patterns, make connections, and apply new knowledge in real-world situations. Agile leaders grow continuously and inspire their team to do the same..

How to Become The Most Effective Leader

Whether you're leading a duo or a two-hundred-strong crew. Leading ain't a one-stop shop - it's a never-ending hustle, where you gotta keep levelling up and learning the ropes. Ready to become a badass leader? Here's what you need to do to actually make it happen (we’re taking it a step deeper than just personality)

Talk the Talk

Clear communication is the backbone of real leadership. Make sure everyone on your team knows the score and what they gotta bring to the table. Lay out your vision, your goals, and your expectations, and invite your crew to be real with you. And don't forget to give feedback that's on-point and respectful.

Get Emotionally Woke

Emotional intelligence ain't just a buzzword, it's the key to unlocking your leadership potential. Be in tune with your own feelings and those of your team. Show you care, celebrate their wins, and you'll earn their trust and loyalty.

Walk the Walk

You're the head honcho, so your actions gotta be louder than your words. Be the real deal: honest, ethical, and transparent. Get your hands dirty, and your team will see you're all in for their success. That's how you create a kickass work culture.

Ignite That Collab and Innovation Fire

To really kill it in the business world, you gotta think outside the box. Spark that innovative spirit by getting your team to brainstorm, challenge each other, and vibe together. Embrace different perspectives and be open to new ideas, no matter how wild they seem.

Level Up with a Growth Mindset

To be a real leader, you gotta keep growing and evolving. In business, if you're not moving forward, you're going backwards. So, embrace that growth mindset and never stop learning. Encourage your team to do the same, and watch your empire rise.

Be a Change Chameleon

The business world's always shifting, so you gotta be agile and open-minded. Flexibility is the name of the game. Adaptability is your secret weapon for staying ahead and crushing the competition.


For way too long, leadership has been treated like some vague art form, undervalued and overlooked. People haven't been taught the skills they need to be a boss leader, and it's time to shake things up.

Let's kick that old-school mindset to the curb and shed some light on what it really means to be a kickass leader. We're talking a total game-changer, where we define, measure, and develop leadership potential in a way that's deliberate and consistent.

Being an A+ leader is all about knowing who you are, connecting and communicating with your team like a pro, expanding your mindset, and staying agile. Level up these skills, and I promise you, your business will soar to new heights!

Wanna dig deeper into this and score some killer leadership tips? Check out my in-depth chat with Dr. Janson.

That's all for now, folks. 

Catch you next week with more success stories to inspire your journey!

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