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One central hub for all your social media accounts

Chestry by Magnus Singer (@magnus_singer) from Germany, Bavaria

What’s your motivation for creating your product?

Chestry is here to give you the opportunity to collect all your social media accounts and much more in one profile, called Entry. This Entry can be the starting point for showing others your online appearance.

Chestry is your personal place where you can connect all your social media accounts plus some additional info and exchange them with your friends. Stay up to date with all your friends’ social media accounts by connecting with him or her and get notified about changes in your feed.


– Stay up to date about your friends’ social media by connecting with him or her and get notified about changes in your feed.

– If you know one social media address of a person, search for it and connect further with him or her.

– You are the boss: change your privacy settings for each input. You can set it to private, for registered users only or public.

– One link, all of your stuff: get one, personal link and place it for example into your Instagram Bio. If someone clicks on the link, he will get an overview of all of your stuff.


When it comes to privacy, Chestry is your best friend: we do not access any of your social media accounts, we just provide a link to it. Chestry is hosted in Germany with modern technology. You can also add Two-Factor-Authentication to your account so it’s nearly impossible for a remote hacker to access your data on Chestry. You can also choose what information you provide. All social media accounts and things like age, living place, phone number and so on is optional.

When did you launch?

8th of August 2018 at eight o’clock.

Where did you launch?

Product Hunt

How did your launch go?

– 60 upvotes on PH
– 100 daily visitors
– 30 registered users

Any specific launch tips? Or things you would do differently?

The launch was quite perfect, I wouldn’t change anything. More time could have been spent on marketing around the product in general, but the launch went quite smoothly overall.

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