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Official lists of patents

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112,309.—Hose Sprinkler.—William Anderson, San Francisco, Cal. 112,310.—Locomotive Spark Arrester.—J. G. Armstrong, New Brunswick, N. J. 112,311.—Tool for Carriage Makers' Use.—George Atkinson, San Francisco, Cal. 112,312.—Potato Probe.—John A. Beal, Waterford, N. Y. 112,313.—Hinge for Carriage Doors.—George W. Beers, Bridgeport, Conn. 112,314.—Stove Leg.—James Birckhead, Jr., Baltimore, Md. 112,315.—Clothes Pin.—Orris A. Bishop, Chicago, Ill. 112,316.—Manufacture of Rochelle Salts and Borax.—V. G. Bloede, Brooklyn, N. Y. 112,317.—Beehive.—Felix Brewer, Waynesville, Mo. 112,318.—Thill Coupling.—Theodore Burr (assignor to Allen Muir and Henry Muir), Battle Creek, Mich. 112,319.—Evaporating Pan for Saccharine Liquids.—F. C. Butler, Bellows Falls, Vt., assignor to himself and James B. Williams, Glastonbury, Conn. 112,320.—Door Securer.—William H. Caldwell, Wheeling, W. Va. 112,321.—Toe-calk Bar.—R. B. Caswell, Springfield, Mass. Antedated March 2, 1871. 112,322.—Glass Flattening Furnace and Leer.—James Clabby, Lenox, Mass. 112,323.—Spring Bed Bottom.—Alex. Cole, Manamuskin, N. J. 112,324.—Water Wheel.—E. E. Coleman, West Cummington, Mass. 112,325.—Toy Horse and Carriage.—John B. Cuzner, Bridgeport, Conn. 112,326.—Mackerel-line Holder.—E. L. Decker, Southport, Me. 112,327.—Sewing Machine.—J. William Dufour, Stratford, Conn. 112,328.—Steam Boiler.—Edwards Evans, North Tonawanda, N. Y. 112,329.—Medical Compound for Cure of Catarrh and Asthma.—Erastus Field, Ostrander, Ohio. 112,330.—Machine for Grinding the Cutters of Mowers, etc.—H. C. Fisk, Wellsville, N. Y. 112,331.—Machine for Making Hooks and Eyes.—Jeremy T. Ford, San Francisco, Cal. 112,332.—Churn.—Thompson Freeman, Westfield, Ill.

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