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Of Strengths and Weaknesses

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@johnchangJohn Chang

What if Einstein had to be a salesman?

It feels too early to be thinking about this, but it’s something that I’ve struggled with. Often I find myself wondering why couldn’t I just get a nice 9 to 5 job, make decent money and go watch movies on weekends sipping my grande frappuccino like a “normal” person.

Because I’m a freak.. a mutant..

For me #indiecreative entrepreneurs are the X-men are of the world. They didn’t ask to be made that way. They just are..

Sometimes I wish there was an academy for us — a Professor Xavier who came along when we wrestled with being different from the rest of the kids and whisked us away to a gifted school where we not only developed our powers but met others like ourselves.

Briefly.. miraculously this did happen in sixth and seventh grade. Joy Delmar was my Professor X. I remembered one day being asked to come in to talk to someone about a new program that they were starting for students with certain qualifications. It was all pretty fuzzy and mysterious, but no owl delivered envelopes though.

Still next thing we knew — about 30 of us from all over the school district ended up in the same classroom.

Instead of standard grades we were given subjective ratings — Unsatisfactory, Satisfactory, and Outstanding. Used to the traditional way of competition we still pressed to get “Outstanding” marks, of course.

But soon it was clear that something different was going on. Instead of rote memorization and regurgitating knowledge we were encouraged to.. gasp.. think! follow our curiosity.. experiment and try things.. learn!

I remember one of my first failed business ventures was trying to sell my classmates these lovely starfish I had found on the beach. Sadly instead of going like hot cakes no one shared my enthusiasm for these poor invertebrates whose pretty Tang orange quickly turned to forgotten autumn leaves brown.

Still, this was the height of my personal Wonder Years. Without realizing it I had written my first book on Italy — (although it probably wouldn’t pass Copyscape standards today..) I gave my first talk on cetaceans. I experienced my first crush with my own “Little Red-Haired Girl.”

Since that time I’ve thrown myself into different environments — some by choice, some by chance, some by pure ignorance..

I’ve hurtled myself onto telephone poles, holding on for dear life.. I’ve flown inverted at negative G’s.. I’ve been flipped and thrown around on mats.. I’ve embraced some of the most beautiful women and danced on oak floors in Dutch salons and the English countryside..

But through it all I take with me that spark of curiosity and wonder — to explore and discover where I can thrive and more fully discover what I’m about.

Marianne Cantwell talks about being stuck in a workplace where she was told to just do what was expected. Meanwhile, Marianne wanted to improve things. Ultimately she started to work as a consultant and got paid better for it. So not only was her superpower rewarded, Marianne was appreciated more for her unique gift.

“Weaknesses are Just strengths in the wrong environment..”

If you haven’t found that forest that nurtures your creative spirit, keep looking. What the world needs is that unique gift that you’re meant to bring to us.

This was Day 8 of #My500Words challenge.

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