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13 Startup Growth Marketing Initiatives

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Essentially, a complete marketing cycle involves three critical factors:

- Defining the business goal

- Measuring the initiatives/approaches

- Evaluating the results (what worked and what did not work)

While designing marketing strategies, people normally forget the last yet most important step — evaluation.

What does a stack of successful marketing strategy comprise of? What are some of the substantial steps to be put in practice?

- Develop and define practical goals

- Identify the best suiting channel for your business

- Assign roles & responsibilities

- Implement best practices

- Tap new channels and encourage partnerships

- Explore unique marketing avenues

- Understand your product and therefore design a sophisticated conversion funnel

- Set up tracking and analytics

- Plan clear tests (A/B Tests)

- SWOT analysis for competitors and self

- Incentivise your users

- Stick to ABM (Above Board Marketing)

- Execute content distribution best practices

All of the aforementioned steps contain several other sub-activities. Will spot all those in the succeeding post.


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