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NOW HIRING: Complete This MVP to Help Writers Get Sponsored (Rails App)

We’re near completion of an exciting MVP that would serve as complementary product to AMI Publications. We run a number of blogs and publications (such as Hacker Noon, ART + marketing, P.S. I Love You & Extra NewsFeed) that total 175,000+ subscribers & 2,500,000+ monthly pageviews, but like most media companies, are still figuring out how to make money.

80–90% of the MVP was completed by a very talented developer, who is available to advise you on this project. The current techstack is a Rails, Heroku, Postgres, Stripe, & SendGrid. For this phase, I’m specifically seeking design and ruby on rails expertise.

To complete the remaining scope of the MVP product, here’s the list of priorities for developer/s hired:

  • Design 4 Pages (Designer)
  • Implement Front End Design (either Designer or Ruby on Rails Developer)
  • Complete Stripe Integration (Ruby on Rails Developer)

The budget for this project is limited — because as you may have heard from Ev Williams — the business model of text storytelling on walled platforms is still TBD. In addition to (or in lieu of) cash, I’m open to milestone based partnerships in exchange for ad inventory or marketing services.

If the MVP works as I think it will, we will go further down the product roadmap, and at that point, I’d like to partner for a longer duration with an an equity component.

If interested, Direct Message @DavidSmooke.

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