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S.J.S. will find good recipes for laundry soaps on pp. 331, 379, vol. 31. For toilet soaps, see p. 289, vol. 28.—B.F.T. will find directions for putting a black finish on brass on p. 362, vol. 25.—J.C.S. will find directions for coloring a meerschaum pipe on p. 90, vol. 36.—A.B. will find a good recipe for Babbitt metal on p. 122, vol. 28.—G.A.D. will find directions for coloring butter with annatto on p. 187, vol. 31.—L.O.J. will find something on iceboats sailing faster than the wind on p. 107, vol. 36.—J.M.L. will find directions for clarifying cotton seed oil on p. 91, vol. 36.—D.V. will find a good recipe for shoe polish on p. 107, vol. 36.—A.B. will find directions for japanning on metal on p. 408, vol. 30.—T.S.D. will find recipes for all kinds of colored fires on p. 203, vol. 34.—G.S.C. can fasten his paper labels to wood with flour paste.—W.R.B. will find directions for dyeing billiard balls on p. 88, vol. 34.—G.W.M. will find directions for making raisins on p. 59, vol. 34.—T.F.T. will find something on burning petroleum in steam boilers on p. 165, vol. 30.—S.B.U. will find some illustrations of lathes for turning spokes, tool handles, etc., on p. 88, vol. 36.—W.E.P. will find a formula for safety valves on p. 330. vol. 32.—A.O. will find directions for removing mildew on p. 138, vol. 27. For mending rubber boots, etc., see p. 203, vol. 30.—W.C.L. will find directions for preserving eggs on p. 306, vol. 34.—R.M.G. will find a recipe for root beer on p. 138, vol. 31.—W.F.H.'s plan for a refrigerator might answer. See p. 251, vol. 31.—J.C. can remove the wool from pelts by steeping the skins in water, and hanging them up till the wool putrifies. Then scrape with a blunt knife. For cleansing wool, see p. 6, vol. 32.—W.H.J. will find a recipe for a cement for marble on p. 344, vol. 32.—T.B. can gild his steel scabbard by following the directions given on p. 106, vol. 34.—A.H.B., J.A.C., W.H.H., J.F.P., D.S., J.N.H., J.P., F.F., M.N., M.C., R.C., K.S.W., T.J., and others, who ask us to recommend books on industrial and scientific subjects, should address the booksellers who advertise in our columns, all of whom are trustworthy firms, for catalogues

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