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Nodle Cash For iOS Devices Has Arrived

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Global IoT Wireless Network

Nodle Cash app is now available for both Android and iOS smartphones and tablets

We are thrilled to announce that Nodle Cash app, previously only available pre-installed on the HTC Exodus 1 smartphone and Google Play Store for all Android, is now officially live on the Apple’s App Store.

We warmly invite you to join #TheCitizenNetwork, where thousands of other Nodle Cash users are already generating cryptocurrency on their phones: ❤️

How It Works, in 4 Easy Steps:

  1. Once installed -> sign in with Google or Apple -> create a username and then enable Bluetooth and location in your settings.
  2. Save your private key in a safe place, you can find it in the wallet settings.(hint: write it down).
  3. While you walk around or explore your general surroundings, you will see a sine wave (looks like noodle ~) on the main screen. That means it’s searching for pings and to connect to nearby Bluetooth-enabled devices.
  4. Every time your phone connects to a device or sensor you will receive cryptocurrency in the form of Nodle Cash (symbol: NODL), which you can see on your screen.

Here’s a fun video we made last year:

It sounds pretty simple and seamless, so let’s break down further as to what’s technically happening while you walk around:

  • The app is continually picking up signals from sensors and other nearby Bluetooth-enabled Internet of Things (IoT) smart devices such as: e-scooters, pets, smart home devices and appliances, smart speakers/ear buds, toys, weather stations, pollution sensors, wearables, smart meters, security systems, smart city tech, shipping pallets, cargo; the list goes on.
  • These signals—called beacons—anonymously and securely push tiny bits of information or connect via Bluetooth through your phone, and up to the cloud where device manufacturers, enterprises, and/or Smart Cities can access and interpret the data towards more intelligent decisions around things like foot traffic, weather, temperature of the container/device the sensor is attached to, acceleration, and much more.
  • This automated interaction between your phone and IoT devices sends you rewards in the form of Nodle Cash. The more valuable the beacon, the more cryptocurrency rewarded to the user.

Effects on my phone’s battery life: minimal, but it all depends on which mode you are running on your phone. On iPhones it is around 1% over a 24 hour period. In ECO mode on Android it uses in average between 0.5 to 3.5% of your battery if you charge your phone every day.

What Can I Do With Nodle Cash?

Hold on to your Nodle Cash like you would an early investment; you will soon be able to convert into useful services, and at some point into cash, once we get listed on an exchange or when we add a virtual debit card to your account.

The Nodle Cash idea is a bit like the first lucky initiated engineers who started to mine bitcoin on their computers back in 2010. We are playing the long-game here and didn’t want to create a currency that was speculative, but rather a globally impactful use-case with a strong circular economy-style business model where everyone wins.

— Micha Benoliel, CEO/Co-Founder of Nodle

The Citizen Network, Explained:

The Nodle Network, dubbed #TheCitizenNetwork, is a community of smartphones that act as secure nodes — or hotspots — to seamlessly connect and locate physical assets, lost pets or stolen items, and provide valuable data insights for the Internet of Things. With close to 50 Billion devices, and over 5M+ daily active smartphones, Nodle offers industrial companies, consumer electronic manufacturers, and Smart Cities an eco-friendly and dramatically lower cost software infrastructure solution.

To learn about Nodle’s mission, science and technology please review our White Paper here:

For more Frequently Asked Questions, please visit

Lastly, Some Thoughts on Nodle Cash from one of our investors:

“Nodle has grown its Citizen Network to millions of users and global coverage of IoT devices with zero capex. Now with the addition of the Nodle Cash app, an entirely new set of users have a bridge into crypto, specifically those that have been unable to participate in high-stakes PoW mining, as with BTC and ETH

— Samuel Harrison, Managing Partner at Ventures

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