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No, We Won't All Move To Mobile Eventually - And Here's Why

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With the development of mobile technologies, everything has become much easier. While people were forced to do everything by hand in the previous century, now very convenient and smart devices act as a source to conduct everything digitally. 

Mobile technology has gone a long way over the past 10 years: from the simplest phones with a monochrome display, the industry has come up with powerful devices that are equal in capabilities to even some computers. More and more people are using smartphones every day, and it is playing a pivotal role in various aspects of life. The recent events surrounding coronavirus showed increased use in smartphones

However we think that the world will not move to the all-mobile system eventually, and in this article, we will talk about reasons.

Smartphones still lack the power from computers

We mentioned above that some smartphones have the capabilities that even some high-end computers would envy, but it is not always the case. When it comes to programming, graphic design on making animations for websites and video games, mobile phones are rarely useful. Instead, people still have to rely on desktop computers to make effective content.

Major industries prefer desktop computers 

According to researches, when it comes to major industries in the world, they would rather use desktop computers than smartphones. No question they encourage employees to use mobile devices as well, but a desktop PC is convenient in many cases. 

Customers sometimes have difficulties using smartphones. We can take an example of the largest financial market in the world, Forex. Trading Forex on mobile has indeed become a very popular activity for traders. They can easily download trading platforms on their devices, but sometimes not all the features of trading are available. The hardship of using a mobile leads them to use desktop computers, hence reducing the utilization of phones.

Gaming is more comfortable on computers

Mobile gaming has rapidly gained a foothold in the world. We are talking about the realm, which has numerous customers in the world, and it manages to earn billions of dollars annually. But if you were to ask any gamer whether they would use smartphones or high-end PCs for gaming, the answer would be obvious - the latter. Not only you can enjoy textures and graphic features more on computers, but games are better as well.

Software availability 

One of the main reasons why mobiles will not conquer the world is software. Desktop computers have the capability to run more powerful software and applications than mobile phones because of their size and technical characteristics. While smartphones and are becoming more formidable every year, they still cannot match a conventional laptop or desktop computer in terms of performance.

Operating systems

Another thing is the lack of windows in mobile operating systems. Yes, already both Android and iOS on the iPad Pro support two-window mode, but this is not enough. If you are working and want to read something on your favourite website, you have to use another application. Just count the number of windows on your PC. And it's so convenient that you don't need to jump between programs even to answer a colleague's question in a working chat.

In general, yes, in mobile phones they are trying to do something similar, but so far it is not at all. And the windows turn out to be very small, and not all applications work correctly with them, and you cannot "remove" the window with the application anywhere on the screen (where possible, windows are extremely non-functional).

That is, of course, especially for the presentation, you can come up with some cases where there is enough mobile phone or even an iPad. Come up and demonstrate - see how cool it is. But when you start trying to work on mobile operating systems, it turns out that you cannot do without a full-fledged PC.

Especially if you need to use some kind of "non-standard" application, well, you know all these utilities, written back in the early 2000s by nameless programmers who look awful, evoke memories of Windows 95, but at the same time (if you can cope with their installation) in two minutes solve your problem. 


The creation of mobile phones was a unique achievement for the world. They have penetrated our lives very quickly and did a great job of simplifying operations. However, there is still a long way for them to take over the world completely - at least for 10 years.


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