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"Never Deploy on a Friday!" - Day in the Life of a Video Editor Developerโ€‚by@jvoloshchenko

"Never Deploy on a Friday!" - Day in the Life of a Video Editor Developer

Julia Voloshchenko Hacker Noon profile picture

Julia Voloshchenko

PR Marketing Manager at Movavi.

Developer in IT - this term refers to a wide range of development areas: developer of mobile applications, desktop applications, games, databases, messengers, and other programs for work and entertainment.

Some might think that a developer is the same as a programmer, but that's not true. A programmer is in the business of developing algorithms and codes. It is a specialist who creates the source code for a program. The task of the developer is to come up with the concept and idea of the program or application-oriented on this or that business, taking into account all its peculiarities.

The developer profession is in demand in the 21st century and is developing, like the IT-sphere. If you like computers or mobile games, the doors of mobile development are open to you. If you like communication, you can develop messengers, programs for calls (Zoom or Skype). The choice is great.

Digital technology has penetrated all areas of life, which is why the development profession is so popular. But what do you need to know before entering the field of development?

I talked to Annie, who's a C++ programmer at Movavi. Annie talked about the development profession, how her workspace is organized, and what her main tasks are during the day.

Sit back and read this interesting interview!

Hi Annie! First, tell us a little about yourself and your work experience (how long have you been working as a developer, how did you get there? did you study it on purpose)?

Hey! My name is Annie, and I work as a C++ programmer on the Movavi Video Editor project. I joined Movavi two and a half years ago, and before that, I had worked in a small IT company, where I started my career. My background is somewhat related to the IT-sphere, as I am a mathematician. I know it sounds like I was supposed to be a teacher, but my major is in Computing Technologies, and a lot of my friends from Uni are programmers too. I have always been interested in computers and languages, so being a programmer seemed like the best of both worlds.

How is your workday organized? Are you an office worker or do you work remotely/hybrid hours?

I stick to a hybrid work model: I work from home most of the week, and if needed, I work from one of the offices twice a week.

Tell me how your workspace is organized and some tips for working efficiently from home.

I used to work in the office. When the pandemic began, I was nervous about my remote work because I didn't feel like I could concentrate with my cat purring next to me. Honestly, I expected I would pet him all day long. But then I found a simple trick to help myself get involved.

Every afternoon I left an important task for the next day, and the next morning I only needed to open my laptop to dive into work. These tasks could be: answering comments on my code review or closing it and passing the solution to the next step โ€“ something simple yet significant. When I realized I was comfortable with working remotely, I set up my workplace. It is nothing fancy: just a desk big enough to fit my laptop and my cat.

You probably work in a team. How does your interaction work?

Yes, I work in a distributed team. This means some of my teammates live in other cities, some work from home, and others prefer to work in the office. We have daily calls to share our progress and discuss issues, and we stay in touch the whole working day using Slack. During calls, we keep our cameras on, so I feel like I know everyone personally.

It's funny how the brain recreates a human appearance using only video calls. When I first meet a teammate in real life, I am usually not surprised at all. But one time I didn't recognize a person because I didn't realize how tall he was!

What are your main tasks during your working day? Is there a clear to-do list for the day, or do the tasks appear spontaneously?

The developers on our project deal with tasks of 3 different types: implementing new features, fixing errors in the code, and reviewing new code. New features are planned under the product roadmap.

Code errors, also known as bugs, just happen, so fixing some of them is always a part of a two-week plan. Finally, we do code review daily because new features and bug fixes result in new code. Also, as team members, we take part in planning, decision-making, estimating tasks, communicating with other teams, and other activities.

Is there a case in your work that you're proud of?

This summer, our team added the ability to track objects motion to the Video Editor. I was happy to work on such a great feature! Shortly after the release, we started to look for ways to improve it: the object trail seemed too shaky, and the objects attached moved jerkily. I liked this feature, so I really wanted to improve it.

I did some research in my spare time and thought through possible solutions while walking my dog. When I was ready, I completed the algorithm in a couple of days, and the result was astonishing! But new features don't come without bugs, so this improvement had a drawback... Fingers crossed, now it's smooth and stable.

Do the developers on your team have some "rituals" of their own? Can you share some of them?

"Never deploy or release on Friday." It's not just a bad omen, it is a safety rule: if anything goes wrong, it will be harder to fix because of the weekend. And for some reason, everything goes wrong only on Fridays.

What inspires you in your work?

We develop software for creative people, and creative people have always inspired me. I get genuinely excited every time I watch YouTube videos and notice something unique to the Movavi Video Editor.

I want to share a little story from my trip to Cuba in January 2020. I was having breakfast in a cafe in Santiago-de-Cuba, half the world away from home. There were music videos on TV, and suddenly I saw something familiar. The video started and ended with one of our titles! It was so strange I even went numb and stared at that TV for 5 minutes straight.

Do you have any hobbies? What helps you take your mind off things after work?ย 

I am really into The Sims 4. I started a YouTube channel about my experience with this game, and my videos are getting popular. Guess what video editing software I use to create them?

Fun fact: using a product you work on is called "dogfooding." And speaking of dogs, I have one. His name is Kensei, and he helps me to keep my work-life balance.

I would like to thank Annie for her time and for the cool interview.