nChain in the brain: Return of the Fake Satoshi

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(I hope some people get the reference to which the title refers to)

Rumors started a few months ago: Craig Steven Wright (CSW) was planning a comeback. The rumors became louder and started coming from multiple sources after the Satoshi Roundtable of this year.

Then the 12th of April came the news: nChain was acquired by High Tech Private Equity Fund SICAV plc

A company built around the research of Craig Wright, who has claimed to have invented the bitcoin cryptocurrency, has been sold to a private equity firm in a deal the company says is the biggest to date involving bitcoin’s underlying blockchain technology.

Be careful when going to the actual website ( since apparently “ 60 world-class scientific research, engineering and other professionals” can’t create a simple and secure website.

They really seem to be in to patents for some reason:

Yesterday they announced that Jon Matonis, former Bitcoin Foundation director, was joining nChain as Vice President of Corporate Strategy. This shouldn’t really come as a big surprise since he was/is convinced that CSW is actually Satoshi.

Why is nChain relevant? It isn’t at this point.
Then why write about it? Because I see a certain narrative being pushed and people involved with it have a lot of money and/or have been bamboozled before. It is better to spread some awareness about it.
What if CSW actually signs an early block? From everything I’ve heard and read about interactions with Satoshi: for me there is no way it is him. If he signs an early block that only Satoshi could’ve signed I’m more concerned about how he got a hold of it.

nChain & CSW’s gameplan:

This part would fall under pure speculation, however there are some interesting things that are surfacing.

  • Gavin Andresen tweeted yesterday about Blockstream. I’m sure he’s on the shortlist to get hired by nChain since he is a true believer. Having absolutely no credibility left in crypto, he could still be a useful addition for the next nChain PR-push.
  • Roger Ver is in direct contact with CSW/nChain. They were also both at the meeting at Bitclub where Roger deleted an old tweet.
  • nChain seems to like patents a lot, recently there have been several (1,2) attacks focused on patents in regards with Segwit and Blockstream. CSW also has a history filled with patents.

I didn’t find a direct link with Bitmain (yet).

Game plan:

  1. Get more “famous” Bitcoin people on your side, to give the illusion of relevance and authority.
  2. Patent troll everyone.
  3. Profit.
  4. Bonus: create your own implementation backed by 1 rich investor, 1 fake Satoshi and 1 miner who controls majority of the hashrate to “fire Core”.

*Edit* Found an interesting post with potential CSW related shell companies.*/edit*

For a good laugh, be sure to check out hoaxchain.


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