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My Vim crash course pt.2 by@drodil

My Vim crash course pt.2

Heikki Hellgren Hacker Noon profile picture

Heikki Hellgren

If you missed the first part you can find it here.

Learning more Vim has become my everyday job as I am doing most of my work with it now. I always try to find a faster way to change code with the editor — fewer keystrokes means better productivity.

Still I have struggled with for example getting autocomplete working properly in C++and I have tried multiple different plugins for that. After all the struggle I, after all, decided to use the (bloated) YouCompleteMe plugin. It’s not the most optimal but it works. If you have better alternatives, please let me know!

Sharing the knowledge

I have completed vimtutor almost every day for the past two weeks. Doing that makes the commands go and stay in the back of your head. Only thing that was troubling me with the vimtutor is that it doesn’t cover enough to actually see productivity growth. That’s why I decided to (TADAAA) create my own vimtutor which can be found from GitHub link below.

Contributions and feedback to the tutor are more than welcome!

Also you can find my dotfiles repository here if you are interested in my vim / other configuration files. Special thanks to Markku Ahvenjärvi for the support and sharing his dotfiles!

About me

I am Heikki Hellgren, Software developer and technology enthusiast working at Elektrobit Automotive. My interests are in software construction, tools, automatic testing and all the new and cool stuff like AI and autonomous driving. You can follow me on Medium and Twitter. Also you can check out my website for more information.