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How You Can Become Truly Liberated?

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Freedom for Me:

“ Until I was Truly free I underestimated my true potential. Now that I have the liberty to be me, I am trying to build a team of people who will rise way beyond their individual self to make meaningful contributions to nation and organization building ”. — Pramod Chandrayan

I am no more Me I have transformed myself to We, to see this world with the eyes of my team members, my family and every known and unknown person around me. In-fact trees and nature has become me and helping me live the life which is more inclusive and more loving.

What It Means:

We all are privileged Millennials to get all kinds of freedom to speak, to act, to learn, to earn and much more, but all these have not come easily to us. We have lot many people dead and alive behind it, who made it possible for us with their unparalleled sacrifices. So it becomes crucial that we are not using our freedom carelessly. We have even greater responsibility to act in a manner which set us free truly to create an impact on this world.

Freedom is an added responsibility to let others live and do what you want responsibly. It should make you act fearlessly for the larger cause.

Freedom In Corporate World ?

In my long career of 15 Years I have experienced that:

True freedom is more a choice than a force, where one can choose how to go about his work with certain purpose attached to it. If freedom has no purpose and lag certain work, discipline, the end result will be a complete chaos.

So when it comes to corporate the real freedom doesn’t mean you are free to do anything without being productive in your endeavor. You need to measure your work output with the amount of freedom you are availing. You are free to choose your approach and the way of working, but not to burn your time irresponsibly. I have seen, especially in startups where the workforce is less, freedom concept is very often misunderstood and misused.

Freedom shouldn’t strangle you, it should set you free to do more, to explore more, to give more and expect less.

So What Is The Real Problem, Is Freedom Bad?

No, freedom has always been a great instrument of success & change, for the people who have the vision to become what they want and have intelligently aligned it well with their company’s vision .

For them company’s success is not different from their own individual growth, they have ensured that they utilize their time in doing more things in their life than to waste it on something which doesn’t fit well with their life’s goals/purpose. Freedom can lead to negative results in any given organization only and only when you act irresponsibly and have individual agendas to enforce.

Being Selfish Is Dangerous:

Selfish motive has been killing the corporate culture and has been hampering the growth largely, which is quite prominent at all the level of leadership. So one should understand it clearly that:

The company is as good as the people working there.

Every individual has the role to play in shaping the culture and vision of the organization. Until every individual is committed on their part and understands the value of sharing and caring for others, the organization can’t function to its true potential. Having said that, it is also equally important that every individual understands and adopt the shared vision of their organization, to direct their work effort and help it attain to its business goals.

Until you give your 100% don’t expect 100% to return back .

Anything done with a vested interest is bound to create conflict and mass dissatisfaction within any organization. So if you need to build a progressive culture make sure your perception to see each others effort changes and you appreciates each others endeavor in a positive manner. One needs to think beyond themselves to become inclusive in their work effort. Yes,it is too idealistic to think, but it has to be practiced and inculcated by individuals irrespective of their position in an organization, if they want to reap the benefit of their hard work they are putting, in building a scalable company.

Leaders Need To Be More Responsible:

People sitting at top leadership position are the ones who will decide how any organization will work or grow. So it becomes crucial that they learn and practice the art of handling people selflessly. They need to develop a sense of “We Together” than forcing their individual agenda Of “I Know It All”.

Yes, it is good to be knowledgeable, but when you are working as a team and you are going to decide for your team, you should refrain from proving your individual worth.

You alone can’t bring any significant change in an organization, it has to be you and your inspired team who will do wonderful things together to help you grow as a true leader.

Freedom Needs Trust:

I have experienced that :

Once you give a certain freedom to someone in your team, you must fully trust them and be supportive. If you can give them a sense of being there for them, you will see that they will go out of their comfort zone to perform beyond expectations.

Everyone is human after all and until you connect emotionally to someone you can’t inspire them to walk on the path you decide.

Inspirational leadership, foster inclusiveness, where leaders take the responsibility for any failure and never indulge in individual blame game. They are smart people who know how to develop bonds with their team members, giving them the required space to help them perform at their peak. They value the effort of their team members and appreciate their contribution to make them feel worthy.

The most difficult art of life is to trust, which once mastered by anyone will liberate them fully.

Summary: In Bullet Points

  • Freedom demands sacrifices until you are willing to give your 200% percent you can’t create anything meaningful out of it.
  • Freedom requires you to be disciplined not careless and irresponsible
  • To be a great leader you need to trust and be ready to accept any failures gracefully, which can come as an outcome from your team .
  • Great culture within organization foster freedom, inclusiveness & accountability in their people without compromising on the organization values.
  • If you really want to grow in your life, be humble to accept that you don’t know it all, allow yourself to learn and grow by learning from your peers.

Thanks for being a true inspiration and accepting my style of writing, which has been buggy. I am improving day by day just because of your love. So keep loving, keep sharing

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