My Preferred Full-Blown Cryptocurrency Servicesby@seckincansahin
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My Preferred Full-Blown Cryptocurrency Services

by Seckin C. SahinSeptember 20th, 2018
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As cryptocurrency adoption increases we start to see full-blown services offered on blockchains and over smart contracts.
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As cryptocurrency adoption increases we start to see full-blown services offered on blockchains and over smart contracts.

Quantstamp is one of these services, aiming to provide automated smart contract auditing to masses.

Balance is an example of the old generation of most impactful blockchain-based apps. It is a wallet for viewing and sending all of your ERC-20 tokens.

TradeBlock serves financial institutions with execution and analysis tools that capitalize on the potential of blockchain technologies

Dharma: The open protocol for tokenized debt: A generic, permissionless protocol for issuing, underwriting, and administering debt instruments as cryptographic tokens.

Mediachain automatically connects media to its creator and information about it.

Blockstack is a new internet for decentralized, server-less applications.

Vida, with their words: “Vida marries traditional public key infrastructure with blockchain technology by using the blockchain as a distributed key server. Vida’s blockchain foundation enables a secure process of key revocation and reissuance. The result is a best-in-class mechanism of enterprise security that was not possible prior to the emergence of the blockchain.”

Celsius is another borrowing and lending platform: “a P2P decentralized borrowing & lending platform. Deposit coins. Earn interest. Borrow cash against your cryptocurrency.”

CBRTF: The Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Regulatory Task Force (CBRTF) is a global and independent U.S. based non-profit organization that will function as a professional trade association. “Our purpose is to serve our Members and protect crypto consumers through promoting and establishing industry standards, ethics, rules and best practices.”

MarconiFoundation: A new blockchain protocol using programmable packets to enhance security, privacy and net neutrality

KETTE: Kette is a decentralized protocol fabric to record ownership information and correlated metadata for physical assets on an universal leger. It advances Proof of Existence, the first non-financial application of the blockchain. By creating an open protocol and platform KETTE aims to create the most globally-verifiable and institutional record of physical assets.

Shyft is building a global identity ecosystem that enables attested data sharing between data users thus streamlining compliance, reducing costs and reducing the risks of hacks inherent in traditional systems.

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