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My journey through the Software Development Path

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@diptokmk47Dipto Karmakar

I am a tech lover. Passionate about programming and learning new skills. Love to build applications.

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So many people want to be a software developer.Many people want to walk that path. But like me, they don’t know or maybe some of them know how to be but can’t accomplish it for lack of proper guidelines. In this article, I’d love to share my story of “How I started and get proper guideline”.

Most difficult and easy task to “To start”

“Desire is the starting point of all achievement, not a hope, not a wish, but a keen pulsating desire which transcends everything.” — Napoleon Hill

My problem, like most, was to know where to start and what the rules of the game are etc. Everyday, I searched on Google, read a lot of blogs, and watched a lot of videos. Then I’d come out with some ideas and I started to work on it. And that’s the most difficult part for me: the time to start. I had that desire so finally I started my journey. But after a few days, I lost on that journey like the others people lost in a desert. Then I found a platform from an article that talked about “pair programming”. Before going into that topic let’s see what you should carry on with you to have success in this journey.

Stuff you need to carry along with you to succeed on this adventurous journey

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To be a software developer, you need to gain a couple of things like programming skill, technical knowledge, data structures and algorithms foundations (Mother of Software development), teamwork mentality and ability, pair-programming, communication skills and so on. Now, maybe a question arises in your mind “How can I get all those things?”

Well, to be honest, there is a lot of hard ways to find all the stuff from the Internet. Why I’ve said that’s the hard way? It’s because the Internet is not a small place, it’s vast. And also you need a proper mentor who can navigate you through your journey. If you wish, you can go for this hard way. It also takes a lot of time to be on the right track. There is another simple method to get all those pieces from one place: a platform called Microverse. They recently launched a Fast Track program. This program is an ideal opportunity for people who already have some programming knowledge to further improve their skills, and prepare for a job in the field.

What I learned till now in this platform?

In this platform, the great effective idea is to pair two people and let them work as a team, full-time for four months. Together, they will be learning popular web technologies and building interesting projects.

An awesome quote about teamwork

I’ve got a partner from the Philippines. His name is Ryan Vergara. He is an awesome friend and teammate. After the first month working with my coding partner, I’ve learned a lot of things like Teamwork, A lot of things about Front-end Development, Programming Solving Techniques, Thinking way of solving a problem and so on. We doing a lot of fun during our learning so that we never feel bored. Also, sometimes we argue with each other and come up with some great solutions for our projects.

It’s the beginning, not the end

At the end of the day, it’s just a starting point for me on this awesome journey: the software development career path. If you dream big, then your desire will be big. One day, you will defiantly achieve more than what you want if you choose the right track. Otherwise, you will suffer a lot. Thank God I found Microverse which made my life easier and gave me the right path.

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@diptokmk47Dipto Karmakar

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I am a tech lover. Passionate about programming and learning new skills. Love to build applications.


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