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Hackernoon logoMy Google Code-In 2019 Contest with Fedora project by@nasirhm

My Google Code-In 2019 Contest with Fedora project

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@nasirhmNasir Hussain

I'm Nasir Hussain, I'm a developer intereseted in solving complex problems using the latest technologies.

I believe in learning new things and working on them to tackle daily life problems, This year I got into Google Code In 2019 to learn about how & developers developers work on.

It's ten Years of Google Code In, Don't Know about it yet?

This year is the 10th anniversary of the Google Code-in (GCI) contest! Students ages 13–17, globally, can learn about open source development by working on real projects, with mentorship from active developers. GCI begins on December 2, 2019 and runs for seven
weeks, ending January 23, 2020

Google Code-in is an annual contest by Google for pre-university students (age 13–17) to make them introduce to Open Source Organisations. Google Code-in gives an opportunities to students by making them introduce to first most step towards their respected intrest in their field.

How it Works ?

To get started with it, you need to have a basic idea on what type of languages and skills that you want to work on, for it was about Ansible, Open Shift & some Linux. After setting this idea in your mind, you would have to think of an Organization that resonates with the technologies, for me it was Fedora.

About Fedora :

The Fedora Project is a community of people working together to build a
free and open source software platform and to collaborate on and share
user-focused solutions built on that platform. Or, in plain English, we
make an operating system and we make it easy for you do useful stuff
with it.

Back to Google Code In,

Tasks: In this contest all the participants can choose from a wide variety of tasks which can be catigorized by Organization, Technology & Beginners and Field of Interest. This year you can select 2 beginner tasks to work on to get started.

My Overall Journey

I'm really glad i had participated in this contest, one month before it was started I saw fedora as an organzation and by a wonderful coincidence i was using Fedora 31 as my primary OS for 2 months and I was like, "This should be it". After having this Idea, I researched on what type of tasks does it offer to work on, it seemed a little scary in the beginning.

Contest Starts

Mentors : As the contest started it felt a little easy to work on new things because of the support of some awesome mentors that were always available to help and guide, some names that I can remember were: Vipul Siddharth, Nishant Parhi, Alisha Mohanty, Shraddha Agarwal and many others. It was a great learning experience along with a feeling of Proud to be working with such awesome and interesting people.

Community Spiriy in Chatgroup on IRC & Telegram: This is the place where all the mentors were available to reach out and along with the community spirit that was built there with students with the realization of supporting and helping one another in times of Bugs and Errors to improve their understanding along with helping one another.

What I learned in a Nutshell:

  1. Some Ansible and Open Shift Basics
  2. How to collaborate in a competitive Environment
  3. How be become an active part of an open source organization.

Google Code-in was no doubt one of the best experiences I've ever had, Looking forward to the next year with being more equiped and more stronger.

Until Next Time, Thanks for Reading.


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