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My Best Travel APIs

by Alex Olson May 31st, 2022
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API (Application Programming Interface) is a software medium that allows two programs to interact. Travel APIs can do various sorts of things such as retrieving information about hotel and flight bookings and presenting it in different forms according to your needs. In this article, we are going to look at some of the best APIs to date. The best travel APIs are available in two options: Self-Services APIs and Enterprise APIs. Skyscanner flight search API will allow you to search flights, compare prices and find the cheapest ticket and the best route.
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If you are reading this article you probably already know what an API is. But just in case you were wondering, here is a quick explanation. API (Application Programming Interface) is a software medium that allows two programs to interact. So Travel APIs can do various sorts of things such as retrieving information about hotel and flight bookings and presenting it in different forms according to your needs. The same goes if we talk about restaurant reservations, public transport timetables, travel itineraries and other things. Basically, it collects a vast amount of data from one place, structures and passes it on to other applications to use. In this article, we are going to look at some of the best APIs to date.

Amadeus APIs

Amadeus APIs are available in two options: Self-Services APIs and Enterprise APIs. Each of them is comprised of several categories:

  • Air (searching and booking the flights, prediction and analysis, schedule and seat maps, airport information and more)
  • Hotel (searching and booking the hotels, hotel ratings)
  • Destination content ( safety-rated locations, COVID restrictions, tours and activities)
  • Trip (trip parser, predictions and recommendations)
  • Enterprise APIs
  • Air (customizable search, calculating, shopping and ticketing services)
  • Booking Management (booking interactions)
  • Car & Transfers (searching and booking)
  • Cruise (searching and booking)
  • Customer Profile (personal preferences, payment details and more)
  • Hotel (searching and booking)
  • Insurance (travel insurance booking and shopping)
  • Payment (virtual cards)
  • Queue Management
  • Rail (searching and ticketing)

So you can see that the set of APIs is different and the choice depends on your needs. While Self-Service APIs seem to be more traditional, Enterprise APIs allow for a customized experience.

Sabre APIs

The variety of travel APIs offered by Sabre is divided into three categories:

  • The Sabre Platform (Travel Solutions APIs)
  • The Sabre GDS (Airline Solutions APIs)
  • SynXis Central Reservations (hospitality APIs)

But for a more suitable fit, you can filter the 465 existing travel APIs by target audience, category, function, and product type.

Typically Travelport would offer its classic Travelport Universal API (SOAP based), covering such services as:

  • Air (flight search, flight booking),
  • Car (car search, car booking),
  • Rail (ticket search, ticket booking),
  • Hotel (hotel search, hotel booking),
  • Customers’ profiles and reservations management.

But recently they’ve appeared to launch a pilot program Travelport
Trip Services, which is REST based and optimized specifically to be used
for mobile apps. The APIs are divided into “kits” for convenience (Air
APIs, Trip Change Kit, Hotel Kit, Car APIs Kit, Payment Card Services
API Kit). Even though it’s a pilot program not available for everybody,
it seems very promising.


AwardWallet offers several APIs to choose:

  • Email Parsing API
  • Web Parsing API
  • Account Access API

Email Parsing API allows you to retrieve the information from booking
confirmation emails and use it (for example travel data for itinerary
planning). It can also scan your email for any future (or previous)
bookings to adjust the data. Web Parsing API extracts information from
users’ online loyalty accounts and structures it in a needed format.
Account Access API gives access to users’ AwardWallet accounts (if
authorized) and shares the necessary information.


Skyscanner flight search API will allow you to search flights,
compare prices, and find the cheapest ticket and the best route. It
started as a flight search engine, but now its travel services include
car rental and hotel search. You can get Skyscanner APIs for free, but
to achieve full functionality you will have to go through a vetting

Flightstats APIs

Flightstats APIs provide us with all the necessary information
concerning flights, airports and aircrafts. This includes, but not
limited to: weather forecast, flight ratings (time accuracy), flight
tracking, flight status, flight amenities, delay index, connections,
schedules and changes alerts. Essentially, Flighstats APIs are divided
into two categories – Flex APIs and Trip Data Services. The first
category delivers comprehensive data on commercial flights and airlines,
whereas the second one focuses more on itinerary management.


Tripit travel API collects information about users’ hotel and flight
bookings to build an itinerary. Tripit is a free platform and it can be
integrated into any travel websites or apps. It promises the process to
be easy for travelers as one of the features available is the button
“Add to Tripit”. By clicking the button on your site users automatically
add their booking confirmations to their Tripit account.

Concur API

Concur API is similar to TripIt, but it is mostly used with business
travelers. It helps with planning the itinerary, tracking the expenses,
thus providing easier reimbursement.

Booking travel API

Booking travel API is one of the biggest hotel booking APIs. It
shares the information about hotel inventory, real-time pricing and
hotel rooms availability, as well as property descriptions, names of
cities and hotels, facilities, photos. As far as the booking process is
concerned, it can be done in two ways: you can either confirm the
booking by redirecting the user to or you can become partner and process the booking on your site.

Tripadvisor Content API

Tripadvisor Content API provides access to Tripadvisor content which
is one of the richest in travel industry in terms of hotels and
restaurants reviews and photos. Each item contains a set of details,
such as:

  • name and location
  • detailed reviews
  • rating
  • pricing
  • attraction type
  • cuisine

The travel API is free, but for API integration you have to register and go through minor evaluation process.

Google Maps

The APIs offered by Google Maps are grouped into three products: Maps, Routes and Places, each containing a set of APIs.

  • Maps (Maps SDK for Android, Maps SDK for iOS, Maps JavaScript API, Maps Static API, Street View API, Maps Embed API)
  • Routes (Maps JavaScript API, Directions API, Distance Matrix API, Roads API)
  • Places (Places API, Places Library, Maps JavaScript API, Geocoding API, Geolocation API, Time Zone API, Elevation API)

If you are not sure which Google Maps API is better to use in your
case, you can have a peek at API Picker. It is made to help you choose
by showing the functions each Google Maps API will bring to you.


Travelopro is a car rental API that deals with car search and car
booking. Once the API integration into your site is complete, you get
access to a full inventory of car rental offers. You can search the
available cars by price, number of passengers and level of comfort.
Travelopro supports several languages and has a car fleet from more than
190 countries. They also offer Travel APIs, Flight APIs, Hotel APIs,
and Cruise APIs.

Windy API

Windy API gives access to a vast collection of webcams around the
world. It is available in two plans – Free and Professional. Free plan
allows you to either link your site to or embed a player.
Professional plan allows you to get unlimited API access without any
in-player ads or size restrictions. The webcams can be filtered by
country, category, nearby location and other features.


Expedia travel API is a hotel booking API with a huge number of
functions. It has got standard features, such as hotel booking and hotel
search, as well as some extras:

  • Hold & Resume – this feature lets you pause the hotel booking and get back to it with price staying unchanged
  • Property Collect Deposits – lets the client leave a deposit and pay the rest of the sum at the hotel
  • Cross-Sell Recommendations – interaction between different types of APIs for more desirable experience
  • Notifications – let you know if any changes occur
  • User-Generated Content – gives you access to reviews and ratings

To proceed with Expedia API integration you will have to become a partner and get approval.

Tiqets API

Tiqets API is dealing with tickets to museums, galleries, concerts
and other places of interest. It provides full booking experience
divided into three stages:

  • Content Discovery – allowing you to find the place you want to visit
  • Product Availability – checking if there are tickets available for the chosen date
  • Booking Order – finalizing the booking by purchasing the tickets

The ticket itself contains the information about the venue,
cancellation policy, disability access, “Skip the Line” option and many
other details.

Numbeo API

Numbeo API provides you with all kinds of information about cost of
living, property prices and quality of life around the world. Numbeo
gathers information about local prices (housing, utilities, food,
transportation, education, etc.), salaries, healthcare availability,
crime rates, pollution and many more. The API boasts vast collection of
cities with cost of living and life quality indexes. The API is
available by purchasing a subscription, but you might get it free you
want to use it for academic and not commercial purposes. And a bonus
discount of 40% if your company is not very big.

RoadGoat Cities API

RoadGoat Cities API shares travel related data about various
destinations around the globe. It covers 232 countries and more than 4
million cities. Each destination features such details as:

  • Photo“Known for” tags
  • RoadGoat community info
  • Budget, safety and COVID ratings
  • Geodata
  • Booking links

The API is available for free or by purchasing the subscription.

Weather API

Weather API does what it is supposed to do – it gives you weather forecast. On top of that you get information about solar radiation, road risk information, historical weather, weather maps and national weather alerts. The API is available in different variations with flexible payment plans.