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Money Matters: Inspiring Quotes From Self-Made Billionaires

Successful individuals are famous for maintaining their focus — on their goals, regardless of what happens around them.

However, the successful and wealthy individuals don’t become that way overnight. Whatever they attain — whether its riches, happiness, a great career, or a purpose in life is a result of hard work, motivation, and dedication. To be triumphant in their respective fields, they use each day as a step closer towards their goals.

Nevertheless, the individuals who are thriving in their respective fields are often looked with admiration — and sometimes with resent too. But one thing is certain — the influential know how to make and retain their net worth.

Take a look at some of the billionaires around the world and you will experience numerous examples of individuals who actually did go from ‘rags to riches’ with their desire, drive, and ambition. Besides being self-discipline about money-matters, the billionaires never aimed for wealth and instead focused on their individual business goals.

For encouragement and motivation, check out some of the inspirational quotes by 12 self-made billionaires. Combine their teachings with your own determination and make the same happen for you too. Good luck!

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