Mobile Security in 200 Words by@Kovrr

Mobile Security in 200 Words

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  1. Patch Known Security Vulnerabilities — Ensure updated OS & Apps versions are installed.
  2. Restrict Unauthorized Access to Your Device and to Sensitive Apps — Use pin-code or app-lock services.
  3. Theft Protection — Install an App which enable you to locate your device in case of a theft or loss. Make sure it also provides you the capability for a remote data wipe.
  4. Do not Jailbreak or Root your Device.
  5. Malicious Apps Detection & Prevention — Install advanced mobile threats protection solution & Install apps solely from official App Stores.
  6. Phishing Awareness — If you ever receive a message from an unknown source via instant messaging, MMS or email with a link, avoid accessing it.
  7. Secure yourself Against Man-in-the-Middle (MitM) Attacks — Avoid connecting to unknown Wi-Fi networks. If you do connect, make sure you’re using a VPN App which encrypts your traffic.
  8. Avoid iOS Malicious Configuration Profile Attacks — Never install or update by yourself an iOS provisioning profile or APN configurations.
  9. iOS Fake Developer Certificate Protection— Never install Apps with developer or demo certificate to avoid malicious Apps.
  10. Protect your Data — Avoid saving sensitive data on your device.
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