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MintMe's Attempting a Crypto Crowdfunding Method for Content Creators

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@jareJarett Dunn

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It's not often I trump a horn about something that's not exactly one of my bots or associated services, but I'd found a platform that allows you to create your own free tokenization for your content creation or services - it's based on a blockchain that their team actually developed, allowing a ton of freedom and room for them to grow and perfect their service position and offering.
Enter MintMe.com, allowing anyone to create and sell their own token to their supporters - with a roadmap that plans to promote a whole bunch of additional features and functions that will make it a one-stop shop to monetize your online efforts.
Do you write for HackerNoon.com? Medium.com? Do you blog or otherwise create written content for publication and consumption by the masses? Do you create educational blockchain-based or YouTube video content for syndication of your ideas or thoughts, tutorials or services?
Enter tokenization. When there's no clear direction for how to make money from your efforts - and when ads won't make you nearly as much money as you deserve - why not ask your raving fans to support you with as much (or as little...) funds as they can afford to lose - and then allow those supporters to later buy or sell their investment, so that they can potentially symbiotically benefit from your long-term success? All of a sudden your fans are now backers and contributors to your overall cause :)
The platform is far from done - check out this conversation I had with their admins in their Telegram:
Jarett Dunn: I have a number of content and service streams I was looking to tokenize - maybe your platform can help with that. What features, functions or abilities do your tokenized streams allow? Dividends / revenue sharing? Voting?
I created a token and there's loads of functionality that could be used to improve the platform - like I'd mentioned, voting or revenue sharing would be good starts. At present there's not much achieved except creating a token against a currency I haven't heard of on a trading platform where 1 out of the top 550 tokens have traded last 24 hours. There's huge potential here but the roadmap needs revisiting before it can add value. Anyone can create a token on myriad platforms for eth, eos, and etcetera, which are recognized coins - or hire someone for $50 on UpWork to create them a custom token or coin with barely any other extra effort - how does mintme stand out? what does it offer? how does it facilitate the content creator and their bid to raise funds for themselves? It's not tough to code additional functionality and allow people to achieve or do more with their tokens, according to WEB functionality which I'm not presently aware of. A custom token #, address allocation and vesting, token burning, token creator auto-buying the book on a schedule, subscription model pricing and sell/buy orders, or minting,... etc are all great ideas that would add to your value statement.

How do these tokens achieve adoption? Where else are they traded? How do I send them on-chain somewhere else? There's huge risk in having all my eggs in one basket, in the counter-party sense... and it's not conducive to the mission statement. There's also 0 value in any token that can't be transferred elsewhere off a platform.

What prompted the decision to use WEB? Wouldn't the purpose be more easily driven with an Eth or EOS token and a small token creation fee to cover fees or gas? this would open up the ability to transfer, trade, potentially list on many other + any decentralized exchange.
juice:admin @jare we are now working on adding those tokens to blockchain via a click of a button along with many other things you talk about, but it takes time. There will be option to deposit or withdraw your tokens from mintme of course. "hiring someone for 50usd" won's solve the problem that such token, when created is not on any exchange. Besides most people don't have expertise or time to do such stuff. On top of that, we are building features similar to patreon that will encourage content creator and their supporters to use our platform
@jare we are authors of Webchain, this gives us ability to make changes in code of blockchain for the purpose of mintme. We did that only recently releasing new webchaind that adds functions like editing smart contracts code if certain conditions are met (This functionality was not available originally in our code)Overall, we have control over blockchain code if we have our own coin, we are compatible with ethereum so we are going to use innovations they implement and use them in creative way on mintme.
juice:admin @jare mintme.com is under HEAVY development, many things you mention will be implemented eventurally
There you have it - a successfully built and operational POC that delivers a use-case that enables the everyman to earn from their crowdfunded supporters, across any industry and to any end.
What does this mean for you?
In places where it's tough to figure out how to monetize - get rich, supplement riches, replace mundane 9-5 - I offer you a novel approach to achieve these goals: Tokenize. Embrace the crypto revolution and raise funds from people around the world who truly support you and want to share in the risks and rewards associated with your enterprise!


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