MintBit just joined MOBI!

MintBit is excited to announce our new membership of Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI)!

As a member of MOBI, we will be joining a global consortium of over 100 member companies, including many of the world’s largest automakers and mobility ecosystem players, along with a wide
variety of players in the mobility and blockchain space.

We support MOBI’s mission to promote and advance standards and accelerate adoption of blockchain and distributed ledger technology. MintBit exists to bring blockchain benefits to the masses. Together with the MOBI consortium, we’ll transform the mobility sector.

Together we hope to make mobility services more efficient, affordable, greener, safer and less congested. Look out for more updates from all of us at MOBI!

“The transportation and mobility industry is becoming more complex, more fast-moving and more interconnected. Against that backdrop, holding on to isolated, centralised value creation does not only not make sense, it is actually counter-productive to the future of the industry. MOBI is looking to change that, and I’m proud to be contributing to that paradigm shift.” — Arwen Smit, Blockchain Strategist at MintBit

About MOBI

MOBI is a nonprofit foundation formed to accelerate the adoption and to promote standards in blockchain, distributed technologies for the benefit of the mobility industry, consumers, and communities.

MOBI and our partners are creating simple, standard and digital ways of identifying cars, people, and trips, of paying for mobility services, and securely exchanging and monetizing data in ways that preserve property rights and privacy.

MOBI is an open, inclusive body that acts as a ‘trusted convened’ and partner to entities in the emerging ecosystem of pay for use, on demand, connected, and increasingly autonomous mobility services. MOBI itself is technology and ledger agnostic.

For additional information about joining MOBI, please reach out to Erika Pingatore, or visit

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About MintBit

MintBit was founded in London in 2018 to help companies and policy makers navigate decentralised technologies on a global scale. Providing advisory services, we support organisations on their journey of understanding, prioritising, and executing on the strategic potential of blockchain. A well-founded understanding of the technology and the market empowers companies to identify the opportunities that will deliver long-term business results. Learn more at

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