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Starter Kit: Hacking Microcopy

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👋 I'm the VP of Editorial Strategy here at Hacker Noon. I also make podcasts and write stories.

When I think microcopy, I think InVision.

And, hey, I'm not the first person moved to put fingertips to butterfly-switch keys to blog about InVision's masterful use of microcopy

What is microcopy?

Microcopy is an all-encompassing term for short snippets of text seen on an app, or website, or any form of brand communication.

Typically, microcopy contains information designed to help users understand something, or take a desired action.

Examples of microcopy include:

* H1s, H2s, meta descriptions

* Accessibility messages

* Loading, error, and 404 messaging

* Buttons

* Subject lines

* Fine-print, cookies and GDPR notifications, terms and conditions, privacy policies

* Sign-up, login, and onboarding processes

* Social media posts

"Communicating with those users “at speed” is a tricky job that requires a specialized tool: microcopy. The name ‘microcopy’ belies its own importance. It may be small, but big successes often hinge on it. It’s a place where voice can shine through, where good impressions are made, and where utility and branding intersect." 

(sourcesmashing magazine)

Where to get microcopy good enough to copy

* Microcopy Inspirations

* Good Microcopy

A List of Good Advice Articles About Writing Microcopy

* The right way to use humour in your microcopy by InVision

* 8 quick ways to write microcopy that turns visitors into customers by InVision

* 10 Things Every Product Manager Can Learn From Headspace by Vindhya C in Hacker Noon

* 7 Secrets to Write Successful Microcopy for Better UX by Amy Smith in Hacker Noon

* A larger-than-life guide to Microcopy by honeycopy.com

Whose microcopy sparks joy in your life via your phone, inbox, or laptop? Let me know in community👇👇👇


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