Metawars is A Strategic Blockchain Game in the Metaverse by@mjtenorio21

Metawars is A Strategic Blockchain Game in the Metaverse

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MetaWars is a game that has unlimited potential for exploration and development. With an infinite universe established in the metaverse, players can use NFTs to adopt blockchain technology into their gameplay experience while exploring new worlds together with others from around the world.


The MetaWars are a futuristic sci-fi strategy game with a multi-layered, critical tactic battlefield that allows players to monetize from the war economy. Through this virtual world of resources, they can picture themselves exploring realistic space while conserving their mined goods and using them strategically for trade or industry building purposes in order to control all aspects within it called β€œMetaverse”.

MetaWars enables cooperation with various game commanders to revolutionize the galaxy in different missions. The play-to-earn gaming ecosystem would allow players to have fun while earning NFTs and collecting limited edition robots through various auctions.MetaWars focuses on space exploration, giving users the opportunity to discover different galaxies, unlock mysteries and protect valuables from enemies.

MetaWars aims to be the ultimate community-building, strategic content creation platform. With its cutting-edge gameplay and expansive metaverse framework, it provides all players with endless opportunities for customization in a never-before-seen way that encourages the collaboration of like-minded individuals from around the world.

Play as your favorite video game character or make one yourself! Choose what kind of combat experience you want: 1v1 duels; large scale wars between sci-fi factions such as humans vs robots/aliens across star systems?

Then choose how many ships they can bring into battle at once–every maneuver has risk but could reap great rewards by leveling up strengths depending on player choice.

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