Meta's New Model OPT is an Open-Source GPT-3by@whatsai
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Meta's New Model OPT is an Open-Source GPT-3

May 6th 2022
by @whatsai 7,746 reads
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We’ve all heard about GPT-3 and have somewhat of a clear idea of its capabilities. You’ve most certainly seen some applications born strictly due to this model, some of which I covered in a previous video about the model. GPT-3 is a model developed by OpenAI that you can access through a paid API but have no access to the model itself. What makes GPT-3 so strong is both its architecture and size. It has 175 billion parameters. That's twice the number of neurons we have in our brains! This immense network was pretty much trained on the whole internet to understand how we write, exchange, and understand text. This week, Meta has taken a big step forward for the community. They just released a model that is just as powerful, if not more, and has completely open-sourced it. How cool is that? Learn more in the video...

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