My Interview With Dr. Craig Wright, the Alleged Inventor of Bitcoinby@penworth
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My Interview With Dr. Craig Wright, the Alleged Inventor of Bitcoin

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Most metaverses will likely fail as their creators are not necessarily focusing on the right thing. A successful metaverse needs to create meaningful socio-economical experiences for people to flock to it. While I think that many current attempts will likely fail, I also believe that it's in human nature to seek virtual experiences, that supplement our real life. Projects which can tap into this need will likely be very successful in the future.

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The renowned Australian computer scientist Dr. Craig Steven Wright was the focal point in what later came to be known as the Bitcoin trial of the century — especially for two reasons! One, his controversial claim to the invention of Bitcoin. And two, the $50 billion Bitcoin contested by the family of Dave Kleiman, his deceased business partner.

In December 2021, a Florida jury eventually ruled in favor of Craig’s Bitcoin fortune. Still, he has continued to face a strong barrage of public criticism for his claim to the throne of Satoshi Nakamoto, with a steady flow of critics labeling him as ‘faketoshi.’

Undeterred by criticism, Dr. Craig, with an unwavering determination, has continued to push for the Bitcoin Satoshi Vision(BSV), which represents the possibility that exists for Bitcoin to reach 5 billion users globally,and which also considers India as an essential part of the trajectory.


I recently met with Dr. Craig to discuss Bitcoin, BSV(Bitcoin Satoshi Vision), and decentralization. Read the exchange below.

  1. Do you think Bitcoin will usher in an economic singularity, as predicted by Rob Hanson?

    I honestly do not think so. Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer system for cash payments without needing a third party. Quite the contrary, it will not replace the banks, as many quickly assume.

  1. The recent judgment upholding your Bitcoin fortune hinted at your likelihood of being Satoshi Nakamoto. So why is it still difficult to believe that you are the brain behind Bitcoin? How have your detractors failed to prove you wrong?

    It is not difficult to believe that I invented Bitcoin as Satoshi Nakamoto if you research my early life or the over 300+ papers published before and after the White paper was published.

  2. Cointelegraph recently reported a Bitcoin OG named Jim Blasko to have discovered Bitcoin’s original code base on Sourceforge. What makes this discovery significant? Do you find it debatable?

    This is not the original database; if you research this, you will see that the first copies were deleted.

  3. Is there a conspiracy to undermine Bitcoin and the crypto industry, by extension, utterly?

    Bitcoin has never changed from its original purpose. Other versions are passing themselves off as bitcoin today, but the difference is still apparent Bitcoin is not crypto. Therefore, there is no ‘crypto industry.

  1. What is the Satoshi Bitcoin Vision( SBV)all about?

As per the white paper, Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer cash system. Therefore, identity is firewalled from explicit text transactions that are not crypto. The SBV, therefore, is clearly about translating the original vision of Bitcoin into reality and debunking the misconceptions that have continued to surround it.

  1. What is your prediction regarding Bitcoin for the next decade?

Bitcoin will scale to millions of transactions with fees of less than 1/000th of a cent. Block sizes are already 4Gb, and this will increase year on year.

  1. Kleiman v Wright has been described as the “Bitcoin trial of the century.” If the question for determination was whether you are Satoshi Nakamoto, do you think the court would have ruled in your favor?

There was enough evidence presented at the trial to demonstrate identity. It’s pretty easy to read the court papers and research the evidence that supports them.

  1. How did the name Satoshi come into existence?

If you read my blog, you can research and understand why. I can refer you to (

  1. If Bitcoin goes to zero today, what would be the outcome of such a total collapse?

People would tragically lose money. Bitcoin is intended for small peer-to-peer cash payments — not for holding and speculation on the price.

  1. Is decentralization the main objective of Bitcoin? In what context can it be clearly understood?

Read the white paper. The key point about it is that Bitcoin is for small casual payments. Decentralization is not the goal. And as I said earlier, it will not replace the banks.

(The tweet announcing the completion of my interview)

(The tweet announcing the completion of my interview)

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