Mastering B2B Outreach in Crypto: Your Definitive Guide to Lead Generationby@rusyasafina

Mastering B2B Outreach in Crypto: Your Definitive Guide to Lead Generation

by Rusya SafinaOctober 16th, 2023
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When it comes to crypto outreach, the conventional sales playbook won't cut it any more.
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For a long time, most people could set B2B outreach only in Web2. Lead generators tried to apply classic outreach rules and accomplished nothing. If you're on the hunt for the ultimate guide to B2B outreach in the crypto world, you can stop looking — this is your guide to mastering it.

Let's do some thought experiments. Say, a lead generator that just came into crypto and a crypto enthusiast tried to launch B2B outreach. Both tried, and both failed.

They meet for a beer in the local Irish bar in the evening to drink their troubles away. They both admit: B2B outreach in crypto is not possible. But next to them sits a guy who overheard what they were saying. It was Solus. Without turning back, he confidently responds, “You're mistaken. It is indeed possible.”

The rest you read here is Solus's proven approach to handling B2B outreach. Read it, use it, and get the results you aim for.

Kill all classic sales impulses in your sales department

Here's the thing: when it comes to crypto outreach, the conventional sales playbook won't cut it any more. It's time to bid farewell to those outdated approaches that cause yawns and eye rolls. Say “adios” to generic messages, traditional sales features, and the relentless pursuit of direct sales. Crypto is the future, and a paradigm shift is required.

So classic sales features won't do here. Outreach in crypto is all about personalization, so typical scripts that already fall under all types of blindness should be eliminated.

Your sales department will have to fight its natural instincts, and instead of traditional sales, do this:

✅ A lot of personalizations and customized messages

✅ Messages in crypto slang

✅ Specific crypto scripts

Besides, you are going to need a multichannel approach. This is where you will use your tailored messages.


🚀 Email — for brand awareness

🚀 Facebook, Reddit, Twitter — target

🚀 Telegram, Twitter — informal outreach

🚀 LinkedIn — professional outreach

Use intent data

On the volatile market of cryptocurrency, where fortunes can be made or lost in the blink of an eye, intent data becomes paramount when embarking on B2B outreach. Why? Intent data provides insights into the behaviours, actions, and signals exhibited by potential clients. It enables businesses to make informed decisions and tailor their outreach efforts for maximum impact.


Companies that just raised a round —  companies that have recently secured funding can be a goldmine for B2B outreach. They are likely to be actively seeking partnerships, solutions, and services to fuel their growth. By targeting such companies, you can position yourself as a valuable ally in their quest for success, offering them the tools and expertise they need to navigate the dynamic crypto market.

Launch of the marketing campaign — when a company initiates a marketing campaign in the crypto space, it signifies a heightened focus on acquiring new customers or expanding its reach. This presents a prime opportunity for B2B outreach, as these businesses are actively seeking collaborations or partnerships to amplify their campaign's impact.

Release of the relevant job position — a company advertising a job position directly related to the cryptocurrency industry indicates a need to bolster its capabilities and drive growth in the sector. Meaning? Yes, there is potential interest in B2B partnerships. Seize this.

Subscription to competitors' pages — it is all obvious here, right?

Working with outsourcing in other niches — a collaboration with outsourcing partners in different niches but sharing a common interest in crypto presents an intriguing opportunity for B2B outreach. Their willingness to seek external expertise demonstrates their openness to partnering with specialized service providers.

Request in the narrow community — within the vast crypto community, various niche groups and communities thrive, focusing on specific aspects of the industry. Monitoring these communities for requests or discussions related to your expertise can uncover targeted opportunities for B2B outreach.

Use crypto-specific outreach tools

There is only one such tool that we use — Blaze. If you know more, tell us! Otherwise, — you've got yourself a cool idea for a startup. Seriously, we are waiting for your ideas right under this article. Or… you can write to us to create such a startup together. We love making new ideas work.

Blaze allows to:

✅ Segment wallets with specific NFT

✅ Segment accounts with certain trading activity

✅ Launch cross-platform campaigns

✅ Analysis+reporting

Build a network and multiply your leads

Network in crypto is everything. If you establish one great contact, it will lead you to at least 5 more projects. Thus, you will be able to easily get more from B2B outreach. If you have in your network a guy from the bar that just educated you about B2B outreach, you will have more leads. So don't forget to contact Solus.Agency to get some help and establish a valuable contact.

In a nutshell: create quality contacts in order to get more.

To tell you more: lead generation without networking is meaningless, but networking without lead generation is impossible

Networking is the very first thing you need to succeed in crypto. How to find contacts?

Crypto conferences — are hotbeds of knowledge-sharing, innovation, and networking opportunities. Attending these events provides a unique chance to meet industry leaders, experts, and like-minded individuals who share your passion for crypto.

Communities — both online and offline, crypto communities, act as hubs for networking and collaboration.

Participating in streams — the rise of live-streaming platforms has provided a unique avenue for networking in the crypto world. Engage with live streams hosted by crypto influencers, experts, or industry thought leaders.

Crypto channels — crypto-specific channels, such as Telegram groups or Discord servers, offer a rich source of networking opportunities. These channels bring together crypto enthusiasts, investors, developers, and professionals under one virtual roof.

Be 110% prepared when it comes to the sales process: no watering

Maybe it is okay to take it slow in Web2, and if you are accustomed to that, retrain yourself. From the very first contact, you have to provide value. Thus:

✅ Before contacting, you have to know what kind of value the company expects,

✅ Understand what kind of offer you can propose,

✅ And show the value in the first meeting.


Crypto outreach is special, but it's still outreach. And when you apply that paradigm shift, you have to add all the rules about general outreaching. If you have a hard time remembering all of them, you can contact us — we know them by heart.