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Make A Fresh Start With These Powerful Habits

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A beginner’s mind is what allows us to embrace the highest emotional qualities such as enthusiasm, zeal and optimism to creatively move ourselves forward.

Success can be reached in a multitude of ways. Deciding on which road to take is dependent upon what one wants out of life. Success is also subjective; if one chooses to live within their means and owes no debts they may consider themselves successful, whereas another may see success in the numbers in their bank account.

Regardless of the definition, when we think of successful people what attributes generally come to mind?

Happy. Confident. Relaxed. Positive. Strong.

Understanding what thoughts and feelings we bring to the table allows us to better prepare ourselves. This understanding stems from what we practice regularly.

As we get ready to say “welcome” to a new year and “goodbye” to another, I thought I’d share some of the habits I plan to practice this coming year to get through my adventures (both good and bad):

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