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10 Machine Learning Facts Everyone Needs to Understand

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Machine learning is an essential branch of Artificial Intelligence. This technique is adopted globally by many top-ranked companies.

ML is all about creating algorithms and systems to analyze the process and learn from data. It is the fundamental science technology which processes more data and gives better results. Every business has data which they need to analyze, but the vast amount of data will be difficult to handle manually. So AI comes in the rescue, and its branch ML works in this direction. The businesses are getting benefits of using its applications. Undoubtedly Machine learning is a boon for everyone, but there are some facts about it that you need to understand. In this article, you will find the different facts of ML, which the non-experts should know.

1. The meaning of machine learning is learning from data:

People often consider Machine learning as Artificial Intelligence, but it is not valid. ML is a part of Artificial Intelligence which learns from the data and provides the results based on the analysis. You can solve many problems by using these results. The Data is provided to right learning algorithms which in turn give results suitable for the users. If you want to use the word AI for Machine learning, then do it. However, people can change AI's meaning based on the requirement.

2. You should keep the simple models of Machine Learning:

We usually think about the queries like how Netflix recommends shows or Spotify recommends music. Well, the answer is the machine learning Algorithm. The ML train the model created from patterns in your data. It explores the possible space of models defines by parameters. But it is essential to know that we should start with small parameter space because if it is too big, then you will overfit to training data. A detailed explanation will require more calculations, but the models should be simple. However, if you have a lot of data, then you can go with complex models.

3. The main component of Machine learning is Data:

Machine learning is basically about Algorithms and Data, but the Data is considered as the key to its success. The advancement of ML and the involvement of deep learning has created a buzz, but ML is not possible without data. You can get success without a good algorithm, but if you do not have enough and valid data, then you do not acquire excellent results.


4. Machine learning results depend on the Data you entered to train it:

The machine learning concept is based on data training. So if you enter the highly labeled information, then ML algorithms will define the patterns and form models according to the analysis. The results will entirely depend on the quality of data provided to algorithms. For example, imagine you are teaching your child to say apple but showing the information related to the pineapple. The child will surely give the result based on your Data which is wrong. So, in this way, we need to feed the ML algorithms with correct and labeled data to learn from it.


5. Poor data representation affects the working of machine learning:

Machine learning never warns about the consequences of the same distribution of training data. Well, there is no guarantee of ML Working for data generated by similar training data distribution. You must keep in mind to update your models from time to time and create skews between Training data and production data.

6. Data Transformation is the hardest part of ML work:  

People usually have the misconception that the Ml is limited to selecting and tuning algorithm, but it is not right. Most of the time is given to data cleansing and feature engineering. It is the reason behind companies increasing interest in a citizen data scientist. The cleansing of Data is required to ensure data quality.


7. Machine learning and Deep learning is not a miracle:

Deep learning is the advance feature of Machine learning application area. Also, it automates some work traditionally and performs the feature engineering in the section of video or audio data. But deep learning is not a miracle for all your work. IT is not a product which you will take out of the box and use it as per your requirement. This technique requires the work of data cleansing and data transformation.

8. Operator’s errors can affect Machine learning:

The big misconception about the failure of machine learning is that the algorithms are responsible for it. But it is not accurate as the operator error or the incorrect training data creates the mess and led to systematic errors. You will need to apply the disciplinary structure in ML and data entry.

9. Machine learning can create Bias Doom loops: 

The application of ML is sensitive, so if the machine learning system biases into its model, then it can generate the new training data that suits those biases. In some cases, the biases affect the people live. So you will need to be careful about self-fulfilling prophecies and avoid creating them.


10. Machine learning is not going to destroy Humanity:

Most people create an image of AI in their mind after watching science fiction movies. The find this technology danger for humanity. We should not take these movies story as reality. Well, the machines can learn from data, but they are not so smart that they can consciously become aware like humans. For example, the car can’t change its context of operations if it is carrying a severe patient. So there is no possibility now for the machines to dominate this world.

Last Words

Machine learning is not a new concept for the tech experts, but still many non-experts have some wrong perception. So it is necessary to clear all of them. This article shows the accurate facts of machine learning. There are many interesting facts of this machine learning which I cannot define in a single section. But I hope that this information has helped you.


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