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Love in the Time of Coronavirus: How Dating is Becoming More Virtual

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Benefit of Renting a Hospital Bed

So, you’re hearing the term “Hospital Bed Rental” for the first time?

Looks like you’re recovering from an injury or you have reached the golden years of life because it’s the part of life when we can’t properly adjust on a regular bed.

Probably your healthcare professional or a relative has recommended you to use a hospital bed. But you probably need more clarity about hospital bed rental before using this service. That’s why you’ve come to this page.

Here, we’ve tried to answer all the important questions that may come to your mind while you’re planning to use the Hospital Bed Rental Service. So, without any further ado, let’s jump right into it.

Reasons for Using Hospital Bed Rental

Before we start talking about things to look for when choosing a hospital bed rental, we’d like to highlight the reasons why one should choose this service.

More Comfortable and Convenient

Do you often feel trouble getting off of the bed?

Well, that’s because we move most of our muscles while getting out of bed. And our muscles can’t bear the impact in old age or when we’re recovering from an injury. In this situation, the hospital beds can be the solution because you can raise, lower, or recline the upper and lower part of the bed using its controls.

It helps with keeping your muscles in a comfortable position and it doesn’t cause any trouble while you’re getting out of bed. Interestingly you can adjust the position using the remote control rather than relying on someone for help.

Pain Relief

Shoulder Problems, back pain, neck pain, and several other problems start appearing as you grow old. Fortunately, you can now alleviate degenerative pain disorders using a hospital bed because you can adjust it according to your needs. So, you can now enjoy a comfortable and relaxing sleep.

Enjoy Every Moment of Life

You can’t keep lying on the bed all day long, can you?

We easily get tired if we lie on the bed for a few hours. The problem is that we can’t get up easily while we’re old or injured. The beauty of the hospital beds is that you can easily raise them up and sit comfortably on the bed. No matter whether you want to read a book or watch TV, you can enjoy every moment of life without having to get into any trouble.

Things you should know when choosing Hospital Bed Rental

These are some important factors that determine the importance of hospital bed rental. We should now head to the things you need to know when choosing the hospital bed rental.

Electric Beds are More Convenient

We recommend choosing electrical beds instead of the gatch beds because electrical beds can be operated using a remote. On the other hand, the gatch beds need to be operated with hand cranks. It means the patient is still reliant on someone when he’s on a gatch bed. But when they’re on an electric bed, they can adjust the positions by themselves.

Specialized Beds

Specialized Beds are particularly designed for those who easily fall out of bed. For instance, if you’re a sleepwalker, you should prefer choosing a specialized bed because it’s just a few inches high from the floor. And it doesn’t have an option of raising or lowering the bed. The problem with this type of bed is that you can’t get out of it without a caregiver’s help.

Rules & Regulations

Renting a hospital bed is like renting a car or a house. It means you need to follow certain rules and regulations while using these beds.

First of all, you can’t make any changes to the bed unless you grant permission from the concerned authority. And in most cases, the permission isn’t granted. You’d have to pay the price if any damage occurred to the bed while it’s in your possession. Moreover, you can’t rent it out to someone else because it’s not your property.

Make sure you carefully go through all the rules and regulations before choosing a hospital bed rental.

Additional Accessories

Hospital Beds come with several other accessories that can be helpful for the patients. For example, you can choose a patient life if you want to move to a wheelchair from the bed. An over-the-bed table is important because it enables you to enjoy your meal without having to leave the bed. If you aren’t willing to use a specialized bed, you can get bed rails from the hospital bed rental so you may not fall out of the bed.

Some hospital bed rental services may charge a hefty amount of money for these accessories while others won’t. So, you need to conduct proper research before making any decision.


The cost of hospital bed rental may vary depending on the area you’re living in. In most cases, it costs around $100 - $300 a month. And that’s why we believe that a hospital bed rental is much better than buying one because a hospital bed may cost around $4000 - $10,000.

You aren’t going to use the hospital bed for a lifetime, are you? That’s why we recommend the hospital bed rental than buying one.

Choose a Reliable Service Provider

You’d probably find a number of service providers in your area with different facilities. You need to verify the reliability of these service providers while comparing their services. The reliable service providers don’t overcharge the patients and their terms and conditions are also quite convenient. They always try to provide peace of mind to the patients rather than putting the burden on their shoulders.


The hospital bed rental services are now available in almost all popular areas. You can consult your healthcare provider if you’re looking for one. We’ve described all the important benefits of Hospital bed rental. And we’ve also highlighted the aspects that will help you with choosing the right option. Still, if you need help with choosing hospital bed rental, you can always reach out to us.

Although pandemic has created a sudden lack of physical connections among people, these apps are still giving people enough opportunities to find someone who has the same likes and dislikes. We must say that outbreak hasn’t stopped people from dating, it has just taught us some social distancing rules; however, the fun of online dating is here to stay.

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