Life as a Service (LaaS) : No More Property Only The Experience by@abc_0_xyz

Life as a Service (LaaS) : No More Property Only The Experience

April 14th 2018 3,519 reads
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Digitalization x Internet x IA x As a Services business models = efficient allocation of resources

Digitalization: to digitalize as much information as possible about us and the world.Internet: fast and free distribution of information.IA & algorithms: sorting and analyzing the digitalized information to optimize their use and distribution.“As a Service” Business Model: model that concentrates itself on the purpose, on the experience and not on the property.

Ex: Transportation

The need: we don’t need to possess a car, we need to move around people and things.Business model: Mobility as a Service.Digitalization: geolocation data of people, things and vehicles. Digitalization of the geographical environment. Digitalization of the traffic, traffic rules and signs.Internet: retrieving and distributing geolocation data to relate transport solutions to transportation needs.IA & algorithms: self-driving cars. Linking mobility offers with mobility needs in real time. Calculation and optimization of journeys.Result: better and cheaper allocation of mobility needs.


  • Sleep as a Service (Airbnb, Autonomous Car with beds)
  • Housing as a Service (Airbnb)
  • Mobility as a Service (Uber, Jump, Waymo)
  • Software as a Service (Google Drive)
  • Hardware as a Service (Cloud Computing, Cloud Storage, Drive, Shadow PC)
  • Fooding as a Service (Greenchef,, Deliveroo)
  • Work sa a Service (Gig economy: Uber, Lyft, Fiver)
  • Hiring as a Service (IA, LinkedIn)
  • Social life as a Service (Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Twitter)
  • Romance as a Service (Meetic)
  • Sex as a Service (Youporn, cam show, online escort)
  • Casual sex as a Service (Tinder)
  • Music as a Service (Spotify)
  • Education as a Service (mooc, Duolingo, podcast)
  • Memory as a Service (Wikipedia, Iphone, Google, Neuralink)
  • Butler as as Service (Alexa, Ok Google)
  • Beliefs & political debate as a Service (Cambridge Analytica, Facebook, Twitter)
  • Intelligence as a service (Watson)
  • Health as a Service (IA, Watson, Health App)
  • Style as a Service (Echo Look)
  • Security as a Service (PredPol)
  • Conversations as a Service (Chatbots, Her)
  • Selling as a service (Chatbot e-commerce, personalized UX)
  • Crime as a Service (Silk Road)
  • Trust as a Service (Blockchain)

Property is a burden, we want the experience.

The capitalocommunism way of life is coming, a new political system will be needed. The one-party regime will rule: The Machine.

Digitalization is to put information about us and the world into computers.The more information we have (IoT, GPS, Cookies…), the more means to share it we have (smartphone, 5G, high-speed Internet) and the more capability of computing we have (Algorithm, IA); the more we can combine them to create new services and to outperform the old ways.

Every bite of our lives tend to be digitalized and businesses build “as a service” whenever it’s possible. It costs less: better allocation of resources. That’s all. No more property, only the experience.

No need to possess anything, your revenue or a basic income will grant you access to the life you need and you want based on what has been digitalized. The algorithm will know better than you do.

You feel that you are losing your freedom? If the algorithm and the digital world can manipulate and serve you for your best interest (or for the best interest of somebody else or something else), maybe it’s because you were never free.

We were never free.

Only, this time it’s the machine we have built that controls the causes of our actions and thoughts, and less and less an unknown environment. But we don’t control the machines, we merely is the cause of their existence.

We haven’t (nobody has) create them, companies have. And the aim of all companies is to make money. If they don’t optimize the way they are making money, they will be bought and reoptmized by Warren Buffet’s kind of people, or the competition will crush them. The fittest survive.The Democratic control is inexistent our leaders don’t know much about the digital revolution, we don’t know much about it, nobody does and nobody is nowhere to be found. It’s just happening.

Companies have created machines to make money in the free market, democratic and technological frame of our days. The form of the companies is determined by this frame.

Will we be able to digitalize and externalize our whole life as a service?

Is VR the beginning and Neuralink the final project?

Will we be happy?

Where are we heading to?

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