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Life After Joining the Blockchain

Upgrades Blockchain has brought to my life and how my thinking changed

As I wrote in one of the latest of my articles I started my Blockchain career at the beginning of the 2018 and for now I’m working at ICORating agency and for last half of the year I got huge experience in this industry. Also in one article I tryed to explain why I chose Blockchain but not sure that I wrote all the reasons. But one thing is clear — Blockchain changed my life and it will never be the erstwhile.

New friends

In my opinion, one of the important thing in work to get friends, not just co-workers. Because you are spending half of your day in the office with this people and if you feel yourself uncomfortable with them or don’t feel that you are in the right place, you will show bad results and will not do your best. In Blockchain you must progress everyday, otherwise you will not meet the new requirements and will not understand new technologies. In my case I have amazing team whit amazing team lead who help me to progress and make my life more colourful.

Unlimited grow

As Blockchain grows everyday there are no end and there are no limits, you can do everything you want. It’s fantastic time and fantastic industry, there are many technologies and many industries in our world where could be integrated Blockchain and which will be improved after this integration. It sounds amazing, when you can make things better, faster, more secure and more helpful for people. Small note: there are also few technologies, which have unlimited grow like VR, Machine Learning etc. So this idea always in my mind and it makes me think more, learn more and do more. This is awesome!


Of course, work is work, but for me it’s like a hobby, I’m working with people, who became my friends and I’m doing things which are interesting for me. Of course, there are lot of troubles, sometimes I’m very stressful, of course there are some difficulties during the working day, but they all make me better. It’s like a RPG. You are playing with your person, who gets some tasks and after completing this tasks gets some experience and his game level grows and his skills improving. Life is like RPG, more you do, more you earn, both at work and in the rest of life. So play harder and become better. For this you need hobby-work, it’s a best place for growing.

First office

Never before I didn’t work on office, just remote positions and work at home or at some co-working places. And this is my first time, when I work in one office. And to be honest I need to ask that I become more productive, I started more communicate with others, I started to work more because other peoples’ work motivate me to work harder. Working at office is amazing, just troubles with walking to office, I need approximately about 50 minutes for getting to office. But during this time I can read some books or listen some podcasts about Blockchain. In my opinion, working in office more better than working remotely cause you spend your working time more productively.

New interests

Blockchain it’s not just the one technology, there are lot of math, security, statistics, economics and other sciences. During last year I started learning web security and Blockchain security, economics for better understanding of some trading models and some part of Blockchain, statistics for drawing charts and making Blockchain analysis, etc. I started to use my knowledges I got in university because of Blockchain and it’s amazing feeling when you can use your skill in practice.


World is full of wonderful things, marvelous places and amazing people. Blockchain as technologe is very valuable and it will change our world after people understand all its advantages.

Trust in Blockchain, work in Blockchain and never forget about the beauty around us.

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