Slack just launched custom actions and we love it

During Spec, Slack’s first developer conference last week, a new way to create a follow-up directly from messages in Slack, was introduced. With Actions, you can turn any message into a task or a ticket or a follow-up.

It’s a simple yet great new tool that liberates people from remembering the slash commands. It also allows any user to take an action on any other user’s message as well.

Right click on any message and log a new issue in OfficeAmp

We loved this new concept and were quick to implement it in OfficeAmp. Now our users can log tickets by right clicking on any message on any channel. When they do that, OfficeAmp sends them a direct message to confirm the ticket details.

For the uninitiated, OfficeAmp is a lightweight service desk built especially for Slack. With OfficeAmp your team members never leave Slack to log or resolve tickets. Interested in learning more? Go ahead and add it to your Slack or schedule a demo.

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