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Leveraging Blockchain on Video Content Platform

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In many domains such as Blockchain, Healthcare, Artificial Intelligence, etc there is a shortage of subject matter experts. Organizations are finding it very difficult to recruit suitable candidates.

Lack of talent and improper recruitment are affecting the growth of the organizations. When thought about it, it is not the lack of talent that is the problem. It is the lack of access to the right resources at the right time. For example : There is shortage of tutorials and textbooks on blockchain. And that is hindering the progress of the blockchain domain since it is difficult for people to understand this technology.

When thought about it, it is not the lack of talent that is the problem. It is the lack of access to the right resources at the right time.

In this article, I intend to solve this problem


Let us assume that we are planning to have an online video platform for Blockchain education. I have conceptualized this platform in the following steps:

  1. We will have an online system where content creators can upload videos.
  2. Those videos can be on any topic. For example: Ethereum sharding, Cryptocurrency, investing etc.
  3. Every time a video is uploaded, it will be validated by few admins who are experts in Blockchain Space. We can incorporate the use of permissioned blockchain here because we are taking into account that these experts are spread across the globe and it will be convenient to have a system with zero downtime. Only the experts who are given access to the video uploads can validate the information. This will help maintain the content quality of the whole system.
  4. To access videos on this platform, users should buy a monthly subscription. I intend to keep this platform paid because I am promising you good quality of educational videos.
  5. In this article, I have conceptualized a royalty management system. We can have that utilized here so that content creators can be rest assured that they will always get their recognition and nobody can abuse that. This will help them trust the system and will further encourage many people to join this platform as content creators.
  6. In this article, I have suggested an incentive tracking system that will not only help the content creators receive their incentive but also help them collaborate. Such healthy collaboration will benefit the platform. And it will also ensure that each and every collaborator will receive their incentive.
  7. Every validator will get his incentive based on the number of videos he has approved. And here is how I am planning to have the incentives for both validators and content creators: For every job done, they will get some tokens/points. The number of points can be decided on various parameters like Content quality, video length etc. With the help of these points, content creators and validators can avail discounts on the monthly subscription on this platform. We will also keep a track of total points earned(This means that this figure will not decrease even after the points are spent.). This aggregate indicates the credibility of the person and showcasing them in their resume will help them secure a good job. This way of incentivizing will help many newcomers have the breakthrough in this domain. And in the bigger picture, we are ensuring the quality of the content which will serve as a good study reference for the users.
This way of incentivizing will help many newcomers have the breakthrough in this domain.

Thus, by leveraging the benefits of Blockchain we are creating a video content platform which will help the whole Blockchain community and domain grow.

This idea can be implemented to create video platforms for various domains like artificial intelligence, data science, medical training etc and very soon we will see a healthy growth in these fields.

The following quote motivated me to write this article:

“My job is to make my job obsolete.”~ David Smooke(Founder and CEO of Hacker Noon)

Thank you for reading my article.

This article comes under research work done at Wright State University’s SMART Lab under the guidance of Dr. Yong Pei.

Wright State University: https://www.wright.edu/ 
Department of Computer Science and Engineering : https://www.wright.edu/degrees-and-programs/profile/computer-science 
Dr. Yong Pei : https://people.wright.edu/yong.pei

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