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As an ICO community manager, I have to say that I am mostly focused on Telegram ICO Community Management.

Telegram holds a special place for many crypto-enthusiasts heart. It is one of the original ICO focused communications network that really brought a sense of home for a lot of investors.

If you are running an ICO, you need to at least consider having a Telegram ICO community and a community manager to match.

Why Telegram ICO Community Management is Needed

Good ICO teams already understand why Telegram is such a perfect tool for main sales.Not only do 1 million new users sign up every month, it also serves two functions. It gives metrics for expected main sale participants and allows the team to communicate with their users.

Measuring how many people will join your ICO main sale is incredibly hard. There aren’t many tools or programs out there that easily measure how many people will guarantee participation.

This is what makes Telegram special. In a lot of ways, ICO teams measure their level of success by how many members are in the Telegram group. Sure, there are a lot of discrepancies such as if the users came via airdrop or organically, but one thing remains certain. Having a lot of Telegram members is a marketing tool that flaunts success and social proof.

The second function is more important of the two. Have you ever had a problem with an exchange like Coinbase or Binance? It isn’t a secret that their customer service takes a little longer than we’d like. Managing millions of emails and requests isn’t easy. A lot of times they’re working hard but can’t keep up with the work.

This is why both teams have Telegram channels available. In their respective groups, you can contact an admin or team member that can help you out directly. These assistants can walk you through the KYC, change registration process, and more. It makes communication streamlined and way cheaper.

Now you can understand why Telegram is such a huge part of ICO community management and crypto-culture in general. It serves as a communication hub for both new and whale-size companies while keeping track of metrics, albeit inaccurately. Still a benchmark and target to shoot for is better than aiming at the dark.

Why Telegram ICO Community Management is Your Next Marketing Move

Telegram ICO Community Management is no joke. If you haven’t opened up your official Telegram you need to consider doing it now. With more than 180 million users at the end of December 2017, and most of them likely investors, you are hindering your marketing efforts if you aren’t.

Now let’s say that you do decide that an official Telegram group is worth your time and effort. Not only do you have to figure out how to grow this channel, but you also have to figure out how to keep it healthy. People think that the two are the same but Telegram ICO community managers know different.

For example, let’s say your cryptocompany does a successful airdrop. People are starting to flood in and your numbers are hitting peak records. However, on the day of your main sale, your tokens are not selling. In fact, it’s getting hard to even reach the soft cap. This is because the people that joined your room for the airdrop were never interested in participating in the first place. They just wanted some free coins.

Here’s another example, let’s say that your team was conducting business as usual when a wild flood of cryptocurrency trolls decide to enter your room. They start filling up the room with FUD and false accusations at the team. I’ve seen this happen to clients before because a business deal went sour with a vendor, or a popular YouTube decided to trash them. Your room may have just grown by 200 in a minute, but most of these guys deduct value.

To combat either situation, you need to hire a Telegram ICO community management team. I’ve seen companies do both in-house and outsource. In fact, I’ve worked with clients who have done a mixture of both.

Telegram ICO Community Managers can keep your room healthy while growing it at a steady pace. Having a 24/7 team to combat trolls and shills not only legitimizes your project to investors, but also keeps main process like KYC as simple as possible.

Your have to understand that your Telegram room is an investment. To go a step further, it’s a marketing investment. You need to think of every dollar you spend in hiring a Telegram ICO community management team as money you will earn back in your sales. As the managers facilitate healthy conversation and good engagement, more people will be willing to participate and more importantly, tell their friends.

Why Outsourcing Telegram ICO Community Management Is A Good Idea

I know I’m biased, but I feel as if I don’t say this I will not be adding value to a lot of your problems.

Outsourcing your Telegram ICO Community Management is a great idea.

I know you are thinking about how it may take control away from your team, or how expensive it is. But truth be told, it may be the greatest investment you make.

First of all, we know exactly what we’re doing.

We live and breathe in Telegram, Bitcointalk, and other crypto-focused social media outlets. We know how to sync your Telegram ICO Community Management with your PR or Advertisements. We also know what techniques best match your style of ICO and align your vision with your message.

In addition, we keep costs low. Finding a manager and building a team under them is incredibly expensive. Issues such as human resourcing and metrics are incredibly hard to maintain. You need to purchase multiple expensive tools that drain your budget. Our team has built out the structure that allows us to keep things efficient in both time and money.

If you still doubt our abilities come check us out at Crowdcreate. Don’t be afraid to give us a shout, we’ve worked with the best in the business and always believe in adding value. Some of our partners include Bitclave, Zilla, and Lendingblock. We’ve also made videos with influencers like DecentralizedTV and Crypto Gurus. We’ll definitely be happy to help.

You don’t even have to work with us, but what is important is the fact that there are great agencies out there willing to work with you. Consider that before diving head first into building out structure that is already built.

Originally published at www.crowdcreate.us on April 19, 2018.


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