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Less AFK, More Gaming, With a Top Desk

Gaming desks are built ergonomically so that you can switch between different screens and have access to multiple keyboards or devices. These products have gained a lot of recognition from all across the world. Mr IRONSTONE L-Shaped gaming desk comes into play because of its L-shaped structure, you can easily fit it in a corner. Vitesse gaming desk has an anti-skidding surface with a waterproof coating which increases the desk's durability. DESINO computer desk is reinforced with an extendable shelf where you can place a monitor screen.
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Every gamer needs a good desk to create the best ~

~ experience, regardless of how professional you play.

Gaming desks are built ergonomically so that you can switch between different screens and have access to multiple keyboards or devices.

Over the years, several brands have designed desks specifically made for gaming. And these desks are so appealing that it may be hard to choose the right one. 

To ease tension and put an end to your dilemma, we have compiled a list of the best gaming desks in 2021. These products have gained a lot of recognition from all across the world.

Top 7 Gaming Desks in 2021

I've included the top 7 highly rated gaming desks on the list. I'll also share a proper buying guide and answers to several other relatable questions to give you much-needed clarification about choosing the best gaming desk for you.

1. Best Gaming Desk Overall


Mr IRONSTONE L-Shaped Gaming Desk

Placing a desk in the study or computer room can be quite tricky, especially if the space available is small. This is where the Mr IRONSTONE L-shaped computer gaming desk comes into play.

Because of its L-shaped structure, you can easily fit it in a corner - utilizing the best space in the study or gaming room. Since both arms of the L-shaped design are perpendicular, you won't have to move around too much to play games on multiple screens. 

This gaming desk is manufactured using a medium-density fiberboard (MDF), which makes it sturdier and more robust than cheaper options. That's why you can place two to three monitors on the surface easily without worrying about the table collapsing under the weight.

The table’s stability is maintained by its X-shaped legs. In addition, it comes with a monitor shelf that can be extended wherever you need it.

As a result, you can save a lot of space on the tabletop for the rest of your gaming accessories. This desk also has an anti-skidding surface with a waterproof coating which increases the desk's durability.

Key Features

  • Adjustable leg foot.
  • Extendable monitor shelf. 
  • Anti-slip surface texture. 
  • 29.5" height from the floor.
  • Increased room for leg movements under the table.

2. Best Desk for pro Gamers


Vitesse 55 inch Gaming Desk

Professional gamers always like to keep their things organized, whether it's the mouse, keyboard, or headphones. A messy tabletop never helps with concentration, which is why most pro gamers prefer a table like this.

The Vitesse gaming desk comes with several organizational compartments. It's a T-shaped table having a width of 23.6”. Therefore, it has enough top surface space to place two desktops adjacently.

An extendable mouse pad will allow you to use the device without any obstruction. Apart from this, the table also has a side hook where you can hang your headphones. It also comes with a cup holder for keeping your favorite drink nearby.

Its T-shaped legs can support the load placed on the tabletop without collapsing. Since the surface of this desk is made from a high-density plyboard and coated with a special steel lining that has anti-skidding and anti-scratch properties, its durability is commendable.

Key Features

  • Table feet are leveling in nature.
  • Four USB ports are present.
  • Sturdy and stable table frame.
  • Perfect for placing the table in a small space.

3. Best Gaming Desk for one Screen


DESINO Computer Gaming Desk

Some may choose to play on a single screen, rather than multiple. Such an arrangement requires a small but space-efficient computer gaming desk.

That's why we've included the DESINO computer desk which is reinforced with an extendable shelf where you can place a monitor screen and accommodate space for accessories on the tabletop.

This desk comes with sturdy, robust, Z-shaped cross-body legs that can handle the entire weight of the table frame and any accessories you place on top.

Thus, you don’t have to worry about stability. The tabletop surface comes with a special steel mesh layer, so there's no chance of your belongings slipping away.

Additionally, you'll have a hook where headphones or any other wire can hang. Also, if you're one of those gamers who constantly needs caffeine to concentrate on the game, the corner cup holder will be of great help to you.

Key Features

  • 18.41 pounds table weight.
  • Excellent table design with ergonomic features.
  • Enhanced legroom space underneath the tabletop.
  • Has enough room for a mouse, USB multi-plug, and others.

4. Best Gaming Desk For Stability


GALAXHERO Large Gaming Desk

GALAXHERO's ergonomic computer gaming desk has become popular for its notable stability. The desk accommodates a single screen, and the table won't succumb to heavy loads because it's made from a combination of MDF and metallic frame.

The legs of this desk have a cross-body, inverted Y-shaped design, where the back feet are connected with a straight rod. The leg's center of gravity provides robust strength to the tabletop.

Regarding the tabletop's special features, it's quite thin but can handle 200lbs of weight. The top surface is quite spacious, allowing you to place your computer screen along with other gaming devices.

A dedicated place has been created for both the mouse and the keyboard. Hence, you won't have any obstruction moving the mouse while playing the games. The carbon fiber lining on the tabletop provides anti-skidding properties.

Key Features

  • A cup holder is integrated with the left table's edge.
  • Dual wire holes are available.
  • Carbon fiber lining on the top surface of the desk.
  • 45.2" surface width for better control over gaming accessories.

5. Honorable Mention


TIYASE Gaming Desk with Monitor Stand

If you are looking for an all-rounder computer gaming desk, then you might want to consider this desk by TIYASE. It has a more colossal structure compared to other desks on the list, but it's worth the added integrated features.

First of all - raised above the desktop in a vertical stand is a separate mounting shelf for multiple screens. The horizontal tabletop maximizes space, allowing you to swiftly use the mouse and keyboard.

The desk also comes with two sound stands at the top corners of each side, so you can find a proper place to keep a speaker, hassle-free. With the help of the hutch space, you can store your gaming disks, documents, and other accessories.

The most unique feature of this desk is its adjustable feet which allow you to place the desk anywhere, even on an uneven floor.

Key Features

  • 55" X 24" roomy tabletop.
  • Double monitor screen deck.
  • Dual storage open shelves.
  • Made of high-quality welded metal frame.

6. Also Consider


Homall 55 inch Computer Gaming Desk

For those looking for a simpler gaming desk that can accommodate two screens, the Homall 55" gaming desk is a better fit. With a carbon fiber tabletop surface, no slipping or skidding mishap will happen with your gaming accessories.

Also, if you accidentally trip over a glass filled with your drink of choice, it won’t harm the surface because it's waterproof.

Furthermore, you will get a handle rack for storing disks and gameplay items. A rack with four-wire holders is also available, so you can arrange cords without making a mess.

This desk also features an extra-large mouse pad to help you take control without the hassle. On top of that, the pad comes with a waterproof lining. After all, moving the mouse on a soaked surface is not ideal, especially when your gaming controls are linked with the computer mouse.

Key Features

  • Reinforced with a cup holder and headphone hook.
  • Solid and scratch-resistant carbon fiber tabletop.
  • Strong and sturdy T-shaped legs.
  • Extra-large mouse pad with a waterproof lining.

7. Also Consider


Furmax T-Shaped Gaming Desk

Computer gaming desks are popular because of their specialized features like the Furmax 55 Inch Gaming Desk which is loaded with smart features and commendable aesthetics.

It comes with a T-shaped leg structure with feet that adjust for better placement. These legs are made from a metal alloy, so you can trust that it's sturdy.

Speaking of the specialized features, the tabletop includes a full-length mouse pad for better usability. Also, the desk is spacious enough to hold two screens along with other gaming accessories without creating a mess.

Moreover, it has several other amazing features like the corner cup holder so that you don't accidentally spill the liquid over the desktop and a cord collecting rack that will help you arrange the wires accordingly.

Key Features

  • Has ample space for stretching the legs.
  • Equipped with game's handle rack.
  • Waterproof pad for the mouse.
  • Special hook for the headphones.

Best Gaming Desks Buyer's Guide

From the outside, all gaming desks might look the same, but that isn't necessarily reality.

From the seven best gaming desks we've discussed, you now understand that each desk comes with a unique set of features. This is what makes choosing a perfect fit more cumbersome and daunting.

Getting the wrong desk due to a hasty decision is not affordable for beginners and pros alike. With that difficult decision in mind, we have listed some factors you should consider when looking for the best gaming desk.

What Factors Do You Need to Take into Account When Selecting the Best Gaming Desk?

Tabletop Space
A gaming desk should have plenty of surface space leftover after placing your monitor or monitors. Only then will you be able to organize all your other gaming accessories, especially the keyboard and mouse. A messy tabletop is not ideal for playing games on computers.

Leg Support System
The next thing you have to consider is the construction of the table's legs. Gaming desks often come with T-shaped, R-shaped, or cross-body legs. Choose the leg design depending on the space available, the tabletop area, and the weight of what you're putting on top.

Storage Compartments
Some computer gaming desks come with various storage compartments like cup holders, sound system racks, shelves for CPUs, etc., while others lack these features. Make sure to choose based on the number of accessories you have and the compartments you require.

Shape and Size
Next, you need to consider the shape and size of the computer gaming desk. You will have two options in terms of desk shape - a horizontal desk that can be fitted anywhere against the wall and an L-shaped desk specially designed for corners.

Make sure to measure the dimensions of your space and compare it to the product dimension specs. For example, if you want to place two screens on the tabletop, the desk's surface area should be more than the one suited for only one desktop.

Final Words

Gaming is not just a hobby but also a way to release stress and spend time with friends. Some gamers even profit off of their hobby.

So, for playing games comfortably and optimally make sure to find the best gaming desk for your setup. I've listed out seven different desks with high ratings and reviews. Among these, you're sure to find one that fits your preferences.

Gaming Desk FAQs

Q. How many desktops can I place on the gaming desk?

A. The number of screens to be placed on the desk will depend on the width and length of the tabletop. You can read the manufacturer's specifications to understand the surface space available. Also, be careful about the desktop size when using multiple devices.

Q. Are the computer gaming desks foldable?

A. No, none of the computer gaming desks on this list are foldable. But there are certainly foldable options out there. Choose the right table with enough space to help you play the games without any disturbance.

Q. Can I use a computer gaming desk as my workstation?

A. Yes, you can! Most of the gaming desks on this list come with extra tabletop space where you can complete other work easily.


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