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You might see there is a little difference with my article today and that’s because I learned a new writing technique from Tom Kuegler on not having a giant word wall.

I learned that my writing shouldn’t have more then three lines of sentences because readers don’t enjoy having a wall of words just in their face and I even thought about it myself. I usually ignore the articles with big word walls.

Everything that you do (running, reading, coding, dancing) you should always learn something new.

If you haven’t encountered any of my previous articles I personally am someone who don’t believe in wasting time but there are sometimes when that happens and if that is you I wrote an “For a successful startup detox your life first” in which I explain how you are vulnerable in getting distracted and how to avoid common mistakes I even also made.

Personally every time I came up on Medium I learned so much. When I first came to Medium I remember I never knew how to style my writing. When I wrote I just typed away without any indentation or subtitles etc.

BUT that changed!

As I continued to be dedicated to writing I built on my writing because every time I read articles I get that new adventurous feeling of always learning more. I moved forward to creating something new in Medium which I haven’t seen anyone else on Medium do.

The “More about the Author section”!

I saw the power of networking is really important so I thought that the ending section with contacts would be important.

As I wrote networking became much more important because I began to learn more from the people around me.

  • Note: This doesn’t mean you need to accept what everyone says and if they disagree with you that means you have a chance to share your view on something and learn from what you have to share.

There might be times where you doing something that you might not be interested in doing. As a high schooler I heard many students say that they don’t want to be in school because they see there is no purpose.

When I hear this I laugh and just tell them that they need to understand how to run the system.

Someone who knows how to control the system in both a positive and a negative smart at times can be smarter then the creator. Reason because

  1. The creators never always find all flaws
  2. You being a counter-attacker or you being an attacker in a system means you know whats going on and you know to play the system.

When you know how to play the system then you have power. BUT before we can talk about that you need to learn the system.

So for those in school just go and get the degree so whenever something doesn’t work hopefully your degree can be your backup.

(If you don’t know what I mean about the system its like having control over the government, school system etc.)

Learning is power! No one out there can’t take your knowledge so no matter what situation you in just do everything to learn more!

More about the Author:

I’m 16 years old | an Android developer | CEO of Documented Press | Content Marketer

Any questions, business inquiries or concerns please feel free to email me @: jdapple4357@gmail.com

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