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The Principal stood there, puzzled.

“Why do you have your ear to the book?” she asked the young boy.
“Because Teacher told me that every letter makes a sound,” he replied.
Don’t get caught off-guard by the limits of Reason.

Take your ear off the page and listen to Scott Wlaschin.

— Breathe —

I know. Transitioning from OO to FP is difficult. I know it’s difficult. We can do this. We’ve done difficult things before.

And if you’ve never programmed before?

— Phew —

You won’t have to be retrained.

In fact, given that beginner developers don’t have to displace a long history of ingrained inert ideas, they’re actually becoming the world’s best developers seemingly overnight. See Thiel Foundation, Vitalik, et. al. Just wait till Zoologists get a hold of this. Then it’s a W.R.A.P. They’re the biggest treasure chest of Elegant Functions known to earthkind, with over a half a billion years of training under their belt, in all sorts of VUCA conditions.

Believe, me, I know how smart kids are.

UnicornLaunching Launches Unicorns Worth Launching. Fundamentals Rhyme Into Eternity. The Time between Ideation and Physical Manifestation has never been shorter.

Watch out for that rabbit — I mean orca — hole.

It’ll gitcha. What if we didn’t need taxonomies anymore. 😂😂😂

Don’t get caught off-guard by the limits of Reason.



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