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Launching ParallelDots AI APIs in Multiple Languages

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With the ongoing decades-long digitization wave, the amount of text data available in digitized form is growing exponentially. To comprehend and analyze this data is turning into an exercise akin to drinking from a fire hose. At ParallelDots AI APIs, we aim to make your life simpler and help you provide the tools to effectively analyze this data through a few API calls or short formulae from the comfort of your excel sheets. Our clients have been urging us to expand our offerings to multiple languages — this is exactly what we have done. We now serve a truly global customer base with following language options for our key APIs (Sentiment Analysis, Emotion Analysis, and Keyword generator):

How to use our Multiple languages API?

Please follow the following steps to use the API:

  • Register for a free account here. (if not already registered)
  • Login to your dashboard and attach your credit card here. This is a Premium offering and requires a user to upgrade to Standard Tier.
  • Enter your credit card details. The billing in Standard Tier is linked to usage and you wouldn’t be charged any fee unless you cross your free usage quota.
  • Check the documentation here to get code snippets. Just copy the snippet, tweak the input text parameter, add your API Key, change the language code and you will be ready to start using our APIs.

Questions? — Feel free to reach out to us at apis@paralleldots.com

You can also check the demo here.


The multiple language APIs are aimed at niche markets and offered as part of our Premium APIs. The details of the pricing plan are as follows:

  • Credit card required
  • Free 100 hits/month
  • From 100 to 1 Million hits/month — $2 for every 1000 hits


This new initiative takes us closer to our mission of becoming the text analysis solution of choice for a global customer base. This is an addition to our recent initiatives of improving model accuracies, adding more analysis options through new APIs and adding new delivery options (through Excel add-in). If you are an enterprise looking to solve a specific text analysis use case, we will be happy to help you by providing customized solutions.

And finally, if you have any questions or want us to specifically provide the APIs for any particular language of your choice, please reach out to us at apis@paralleldots.com.


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