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“Launch on Product Hunt” An Anthology of Resources

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I need to finish ma platfom for foodies and recipe creators!

Product Hunt, according to Wikipedia:

Product Hunt is a website that let's users share and discover new product

If you interested to read about the history of PH, read the Product Hunt’s rise: From email experiment to launchpad for startups & VC deals

Yesterday I found a new article on Medium, a guide to launch on Product Hunt and not fail it.

It was a driver to publish my collection of guides, that I saved when I first time researching this topic.

And I adore what this project do for the community of small makers. And big thanks Ryan Hoover for that amazing team behind it!

If you don’t like to read all that things, here a brief:
ShipMarketing for EngineersSide project marketing.

I’m more than just recommend to read a priceless advice from github based book and check an awesome flawless app blog.

Marketing for Engineers: A curated collection of marketing articles & tools to grow your product By Lisa Dziuba

And Karl L. Hughes made a great work too: A checklist of tactics for marketing your side projects.

So, here the links

How To Launch On Product Hunt Like A Boss [+ 5 Hacks]

A simple way to connect with more than 500 product hunters.

Growth Hack Your Way To The Top Of Product Hunt

Product Hunt Leaderboard

Preview Hunt will help you to prepare your PH submission

If you know the name of the person and want to reach them via email, Hunter.io is a good service for that.

It’s like badges on Github. Vote Button

Ok, I understand that most cool features have an inside product, created by PH team: Ship.

I use it, it’s cool, it really motivates me to push forward and when I realize that I can send messages to followers of my product — I start to write here, on Medium too.

Arthur, give me more links!

- 27 tips to nailing your Product Hunt launch in 3 minutes!

- The Ultimate Guide To Launching On Product Hunt, Even If You’re Nobody In The Online Space

- How to grow your business with Product Hunt — even if you’re not a startup

- How I launched the #1 most upvoted product of all time on Product Hunt.

- How Flatbook Broke ProductHunt’s All-Time Top 30 & Added $150K to its Funnel

- What we learned on the path to launch

- How our side project generated $51,365 in 60 days

- Put Your Startup On The Right Track In 30 Days.

- Lead generation using Product Hunt

- How to effectively launch your product on Product Hunt, according to science

- How to launch on Product Hunt

- The Complete Guide to Launching on Product Hunt

- Myths About Launching on Product Huntand Why You Might Just Need It

- Launch and Rank: Here Is How We Ranked 3rd On Product Hunt

If you were impressed by the accomplishments of Product Hunt, I think you should read the detailed story: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/the-parking-book

Stories about launches at ProductHunt published each month, so in order to make that list more flexible, I create a github repository for it. Take a look and star it!


Thanks for reading, show me your love and thank you for your time.


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