February 12th 2020
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Harsh is a Digital Marketing Executive. The passion for Technology has driven him to write on Tech.

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What is Certificate Transparency Required Error?

It is one of the SSL errors which occurs when a user is trying to visit a secure website that is having an SSL certificate errors and which creates problem of connection between a user device and the remote server.
The main reason for “Certificate Transparency Required Error” are as followed:
  1. The Certificate Authority hasn’t entered the website’s SSL Certificate to the Certificate Transparency log which may lead to fraud or negligence on the part of the Certificate Authority (CA’s).
  2. The owner of the website itself has notified the Certificate Authority not to enter the domain or any sub-domains to transparency log in order to keep certificate information private.
Certificate Transparency (CT) Implementation
In March 2013, Google officially launched the first certificate transparency log. After few months, Digi Cert became the first Certificate Authority (CA) to implement Certificate Transparency. There after it was made compulsory to log the details of the issued SSL certificate in a CT logs.
Certificate Transparency (CT) is an internet security standard that mandates the practice of maintaining public logs of all the digital certificates that are issued by trusted certificate authorities (CAs).


Solutions for Website Visitors
As this error is related to the incorrect SSL Certificate data, it can be solved through a website owner and not through a website user. But for a temporary basis, the user can fix this error using the below steps and can visit the said website.
  1. Update Google Chrome: Make sure you have installed the latest version of the Google Chrome. There was a bug in Chrome version 53, where it caused this error for Geo Trust, Symantec SSL Certificate. To update your Chrome Browser, go to the settings and click on About. On the click of about, it will look for the update.
  2. Clear the SSL State: Sometimes clearing the SSL Certificate cache of the browser can help in getting rid of Certificate Transparency Required or other related errors.
  • Go to Internet properties on your browser
  • Now Navigate to Content tab
  • Clear your SSL State by clicking on the option
  • Select Apply and then click OK button
Disable Firewall or Anti-Virus: This step isn’t recommended, though you can use it if none of the above steps aren’t working. Anti-Virus and firewall are sensitive to the SSL errors. For which you may get this kind of errors, to get rid of it you can always disable your antivirus program for a while in order to visit the website.
Solution for Website Owner
This is the only was through which this error can be resolved. The website owner needs to contact the Certificate Authority (CA) and inform about this issue. Tell them to add the website’s SSL Certificate to the CT log.
Also check with the CA’s, regarding if there are any technical errors on CA’s behalf. If so, then reissue the SSL Certificate and reinstall it on your website. I know sometime install an SSL certificate is altogether a new challenge. There is an option to go for the Free SSL Installation on C-Panel and install the certificate without any hassle.
If you still don’t get any proper response from your Certificate Authority (CA), then it is recommended to change your exiting CA with the reputed one like Digi Cert, Rapid SSL, Sectigo (Formerly Comodo), Geo Trust, etc.


This error may not arise now with strict regulation from The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) as compulsory of Certificate Transparency Logs. Still it is advised to be aware about such errors, as it may occur at any given point.

Hope we have helped you in resolving the Certificate Transparency Required Error.
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@Vector-arshHARSH GALA

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Harsh is a Digital Marketing Executive. The passion for Technology has driven him to write on Tech.



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