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[Interview] ‘Keto’ Is Going Digital With This New App; It’s Time For You To As Well

We all know a family member, friend, or co-worker who has at one point, talked about their transition to a structured form of dieting. If you are one of those individuals who have tried or are currently on a dietary program, how are you accurately keeping track of exactly what you are consuming (or not consuming)?
For Martina Slajerova, an author, health advocate, and entrepreneur, she understands the very meaning of living a “hard diet.” She was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease, an autoimmune disease that has interfered with her thyroid. In turn, this made it difficult for her to lose weight, while suffering from low energy levels. 
Hopping from one traditional diet to the next, her condition began to impact her career and personal relationships. That’s when Slajerova turned to the Keto diet. One of the most popular, but among the most controversial diets, Keto requires the individual to skip grains,
sugar, most fruits and some vegetables.
Despite the debate in terms of long-term benefits of Keto, Slajerova began to find her energy levels begin to rise and even started to lose weight. However, there was something still missing for her.

Staying On Track in Today’s Digital Age

For Slajerova, the goal is simple: help people stay on track. Given how much of a difference the keto diet has made for her life, helping other people could make a huge difference. And while there are a ton of keto
experts out there, few have the personal drive that Slajerova does. Then again, few have enjoyed such life-changing results since switching to keto.
Slajerova, the author of multiple books, including The KetoDiet
Cookbook and Keto Slow Cooker & One-Pot Meals, has taken her knowledge, experience, and passion to the next level—digitally. 
Her newest work is her mobile application—the KetoDiet. And according to Women's Health Magazine, people are loving it.
To be wholly transparent, I have no vested interest in this story or company. Coming from someone who personally has a difficulty with difestion and dietary intake, as I suffer from diverticulitis, I found Slajerova's mission to be quite impactful.
The KetoDiet app makes it easy for users to find information
specific to their diet. Want to look up meal ideas or need to check out some ingredients? You can use the KetoDiet app and get all the information you need. You can even scan barcodes to look up nutritional information.
Men's Health ranked Slajerova’s app as number 9 of its top thirteen best keto Instagram accounts, along with Healthline rating the app as one of the best amongst paleo apps in 2019.
For most dieters, committing themselves to an entirely new regiment is more than a transition—it’s a lifestyle change. For Keto-dieters, they need easier access to information. There’s no question as to the overwhelming complexity one feels scouring through voluminous books, blogs, and videos. But even after reading through dozens of these sources, there are always more questions left unanswered. 
So, why not create a community, where fellow Keto dieters can share their
information and experiences with one another. For Slajerova, she admitted that countless times, she had found herself standing in the produce section, wondering how she could sub out an ingredient in a recipe, or if she could eat a particular vegetable. Often, she found the answer by using her smartphone to dig up her answer(s) on the internet. 
But, then the answer presented itself—what if you could skip the books, blogs, and videos entirely? Instead of digging through blogs or reading countless books, Keto Diet App users can start building their diet plan right in the app. And when questions do arise, say in the grocery store aisle, customers can simply scan the barcode to pull up data.
The vision behind the Keto Diet App will hopefully set precedent for other mobile apps designed and tailored for other dietary regimes.


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