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Jamstack Tools, Explained

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For many businesses, the website is often the first point of contact with their audience. Even today, more than 15 years, later most businesses go with Wordpress as their website solution. 

One of the latest researches we did of speed and performance of Web Dev, SEO and Marketing Agencies websites suggests pretty much the same:


But Wordpress might not always be the best solution.

How websites and apps are built today is gradually changing thanks to wider adoption and benefits that come with static front end with a back-end microservices approach ie Jamstack approach.

However, keeping up with the rapidly evolving Jamstack ecosystem has become rather challenging, to say the least.

I've been mapping the Jamstack tools for a bit over a year now. It's just the way I learn in new and exotic surroundings. Each journey requires a map, right? Hence Jamstack ecosystem infographic.

There are a few things you should keep in mind before sharing/commenting on this infographic. First of all, not all of the tools are mapped. I won’t say it is an impossible thing to do but it is pretty damn hard. The ones included are the ones I encountered most of the time (already have a couple of tools in the queue waiting to be added, headless CMSs leading in numbers). 

Second, the Jamstack tools thing is just for naming purposes. In that sense, the frameworks are tools, and the headless CMSs, and the static site generators, and utility APIs, etc.

Third, Jamstack is an alive, thriving, and evolving ecosystem in more ways than just this one. Hence different perspectives on the subject. This one is mine.

With that being said I invite you to hit me up and let me know either of the tools I’ve missed or possible different layout I could have/should have used. I’m up for your feedback so that the next iteration of this infographic can present the ecosystem in a much, much better way.

You can DOWNLOAD high-quality LIGHT or DARK infographic version here.


By no means, this is the complete list. Your feedback is more than valuable so feel free to hit me up and suggest additions/changes.

This post/infographic was originally published as JAMstack Ecosystem [Infographic] and is updated for hackernoon.com

Previously published at https://bejamas.io/blog/jamstack-ecosystem/


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