Is XRP still a good investment? Here’s why I believe XRP is still a great choice by@Cryptonite

Is XRP still a good investment? Here’s why I believe XRP is still a great choice

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Ripple over-performed during 2017 and 2018, can the trend continue into 2019?

First of all before you decide to invest in XRP (Ripple) or any other cryptocurrency for that matter make sure you do your own research and only invest what you can afford to lose.

I have done my personal research on Ripple/XRP and here is what I have managed to gather about this cryptocurrency.

Ripple enables almost instant cross-border, international money transfers. Ripple’s main target market are banks which will hold large amounts of XRP to transact almost instantly with each other.

Even though Banks are the main target for Ripple, everyday people like you and I can use Ripple for money remittance purposes.

For example I can send $2,000 to someone on the other side of the world and it would reach them in less than 5 seconds and cost me less than 1 cent.

Now compare that to a SWIFT bank transfer that can cost me anywhere from $20-$60 and take 1–3 business days (business days don’t include weekends).

Benefits of Ripple/XRP I have seen:

  • XRP has really fast transaction times, a transaction currently takes about 4 seconds to be processed.
  • XRP has really cheap transaction fees which are currently under a penny at $0.004 per transaction (less than 1/2 a cent).
  • Ripple is also partnered with over 100 banks which include the Bank of America, UBS, Standard Chartered, Barclays, JP Morgan, Santander and American Express.
  • XRP’s blockchain adds transparency and additional security to transactions by adding each transaction to a public ledger which cannot be altered or changed.
  • Since XRP transactions are peer-to-peer there is no central point of failure.

Why XRP (Ripple) could grow immensely in the next upcoming years:

XRP (Ripple) is currently the 3rd most valuable cryptocurrency in the world and over the course of 2017 the value of Ripple’s XRP rose over 35,000%.

XRP’s growth outdid both Bitcoin and Ethereum for that year, on top of that Ripple is already working with over 100 different banks including Barclays, JP Morgan and Bank of America.

Ripple aims to make sending and receiving money through banks anywhere in the world near instant and at a very low cost, this will be done using their XRP cryptocurrency.

The main entities that will benefit from this will be banks (yes I know a lot of crypto people hate banks but we cannot be closed minded, banks will be here to stay for a while).

Ripple will save banks a lot of money in terms of fees (XRP transaction fees are currently less than a cent) and since transactions only take a few seconds this means a lot more transactions can take place.

Ripple’s public ledger also adds an additional security layer to transactions since the ledger is built on Ripple’s own blockchain which cannot be tampered with or changed in any way.

This alongside civilian peer-to-peer transactions will create a lot of potential for Ripple/XRP in the future.

Ripple has also gained recognition from cash enabled cryptocurrency exchanges, London based CEX and the European exchange BitPanda for example have already added Ripple to their platforms.

Final Thoughts:

If Ripple can continue to add more banks to it’s roster and increase the ease of access to XRP for the everyday person then I see the future looking good for Ripple.

The technology is good and the people behind it are great as well, I cant wait to see how everything plays out.

If you plan to invest in Ripple (XRP) you can buy it using cash from BitPanda if you live anywhere in Europe or buy it from CEX using cash from anywhere in the world.

I hope you enjoyed my story, feel free to check out these useful resources below:

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