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Is this the best time to buy Bitcoin or not?

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The recent rally has affected many market participants; at such moments, many people are influenced by the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) effect. But an understanding crypto investor, clearly aware that it's just only beginning.

Let's take a look at the main points that have influenced such a rapid growth of Bitcoin lately:

- Libra launch by Facebook. Growing interest in cryptocurrencies by professional players.;

- Klyaton crowdfunding announcement by Korean messenger Kakao Talk;

- TON from Telegram and launching Gram Coin futures from Liquid;

- China and US trade war, as well as the additional emission of Tether;

Many people are hoping for the Hearings in the USA Congress, which may affect the launch of Libra from Facebook. It's no matter anymore because now everywhere people are talking about cryptocurrencies and it is not possible to get away from this problem.

Appreciation of the Bitcoin Value

Despite the active opposition and rejection of Bitcoin by several states, some states recognize it as a "safe asset." More enterprising billionaires from the Forbes list are already investing in cryptocurrency funds.

In April 2019 was marked by increasing the volume of bitcoins in the management of Grayscale. 70% of the company's customers are institutional investors, and the minimum investment amount starts at 50,000 USD.

As you can see, while some people were selling, others increased Bitcoin volumes.

Gold isn't a standart.

Imagine for a minute... Humanity colonize space, sends satellites. And then a star explodes, leaving millions of tons of gold and other useful metals.

For example, a giant golden asteroid could make everyone on Earth, a billionaire if this gold did not affect its price. Historically, the marginal yield of gold mining is minimal, and the cost of its extraction is almost equal to the price. Saifedean Ammous, in his book The Bitcoin Standard draws parallels between the Proof of Work and gold mining and comes to a complete analogy.

The more an asset on the market, the less its value. Bitcoin, however, is deprived of this, and it will allow him to take the place of the world's reserve asset in the next few years.

Humanity has long been in search of an asset to measure value, and it seems to have found it.

On the graph: Prices of an ounce of gold from 1920 have a recognizable pattern. Who knows, who knows...


If you keep only Bitcoin, then it hardly helps you when it falls. In this case, it is better to have a diversified portfolio of digital assets, such as Cryptoindex, the top 100 coins selected using AI. Fake coins with fake volumes do not get into this index.

Also, a useful tool is the Huobi 10 Index, which can be used as a viewer to the TOP 10 leading cryptocurrencies mood.

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