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Is it a Pokemon or a Cryptocurrency?

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With all the new ICOs and cryptocurrencies coming to market, sometimes it can be difficult to know which is a cryptocurrency and which is a Pokemon. Let’s see if you know your stuff:

#1 — Which one is the cryptocurrency?

a) Cubits

b) Cubone

a) Cubits — Cryptocurrency
b) Cubone — Pokemon
Cubone: The Pokemon equivalent to the kid who get’s his head stuck in-between railings

#2 — Which one is the cryptocurrency?

a) Terrakion

b) Terranova

a) Terrakion — Pokemon
b) Terranova — Cryptocurrency
Terrakion: An elephant with a human face

#3 — Which one is the cryptocurrency?

a) Axpire

b) Axew

a) Axpire — Cryptocurrency
b) Axew — Pokemon
Axew: A lil’ dragon that holds a knife in its mouth

#4 — Which one is the cryptocurrency?

a) Gabite

b) Gambit

a) Gabite — Pokemon
b) Gambit — Cryptocurrency
Gabite: A dinosaur with a rocketship head

#5 — Which one is the cryptocurrency?

a) Vulcano

b) Volcanion

a) Vulcano — Cryptocurrency
b) Volcanion — Pokemon
Volcanion: A cat with a lifesaver flotation device glued to its back

#6 — Which one is the cryptocurrency?

a) Croconaw

b) Escroco

a) Croconaw — Pokemon
b) Escroco — Cryptocurrency
Croconaw: If Barney the dinosaur had a sweet mohawk

#7 — Which one is the cryptocurrency?

a) Zap

b) Zapdos

c) Zaptres

a) Zap — Cryptocurrency
b) Zapdos — Pokemon
c) Zaptres — not a thing
Zapdos: The yellow Angry Bird + Lisa Simpson’s hair

#8 — Which one is the cryptocurrency?

a) Numel

b) Numus

a) Numel — Pokemon
b) Numus — Cryptocurrency
Numel: A camel that looks dumber than normal camels, which is saying something

#9 — Which one is the cryptocurrency?

a) Mixin

b) Swirlix

a) Mixin — Cryptocurrency
b) Swirlix — Pokemon
Swirlix: If a mouse got into your cotton candy

#10 — Which one is the cryptocurrency?

a) Torracat

b) Alphacat

a) Torracat — Pokemon
b) Alphacat — Cryptocurrency
Torracat: Most likely one of the actors from Cats The Musical

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