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Is goLance The Hacker Noon of Freelancing?

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I am a freelance writer who prefers to work on goLance and who's proud to be published on Hacker Noon. Now, is it just me, or are there some striking similarities between these two platforms?

All The Things You Can Do On Hacker Noon and goLance

Hacker Noon's Writer Ad is a game-changer. Do I even have to explain why this feature is a life-saver for contributors? David Smooke explained it perfectly:
Here's a screenshot of my Writer Ad on Hacker Noon. I use it to promote my Quora profile. 
The notorious first-class trouble with the third-party links. You don't have to worry about that on this platform. On Medium, because of a few links, I used in my articles, I got our-way-or-the-highway email:
That was the last straw that made me not only to migrate my articles initially accepted by Hacker Noon, but also to delete them on Medium. 
GoLance has an almost identical win-win attitude when it comes to the use of third-party links on your freelance profile. Here are the screenshots of my goLance profile. 
As you can see for yourself, there are links to my Twitter and Quora account. For my website, I use a link to my Hacker Noon profile. You are absolutely free to use at least half a dozen additional third-party link options. 
What would have happened if you had dared to do the same thing on Upwork? Well, your account would be suspended in a blink of an eye.
Just like David Smooke, the CEO of goLance - Michael Brooks also believes in the concept of a two-way street for both parties. You can read more about it in my Hacker Noon article: Why Is Digital Credibility The Future of Freelancing?
What is a Writer Ad for Hacker Noon that is Digital Credibility for goLance. Both platforms are third-party-links-friendly. So, you can relax and enjoy your creative ride. 
Can we agree on that?

Michael and David vs. Digital Goliaths 

Let me put it this way.
What Medium was for Hacker Noon that was Upwork for goLance.
What exactly?Let's just all be nice and settle for - a phase. Let's not use any other word that would drive this article in some other (unwanted) direction. 
Honestly, I'm tired of that story about Hacker Noon and Medium. I said all I have to say in my article: Why I Choose Hacker Noon Over Medium?
I have to admit that I have a soft spot for rebels with a cause. Now, you can imagine my surprise and excitement when I found out that someone dared to launch a new freelance platform in the world dominated by dinosaurs: Fiverr, Freelancer dot com, and especially Upwork. 
I guess that both David and Michael had to cross their Rubicons. David with a decision to launch Hacker Noon 2.0 and Michael with a decision to launch goLance. What was the reaction of the "Digital Goliaths" (standing in their way)?
Well, if you're asking me, Medium should have behaved more "gentlemanishly." Those infamous emails are going to stay online like - forever. 
When it comes to the relationship between Upwork and goLance, things are a bit more complicated because there's a legal component, I simply can neither discuss or confirm. 
I prefer to use the term - the road to independence, rather than - the wars for independence, without any allusions or invitations to read between the lines of this article. As far as I'm concerned, all platforms: big and small, old and relatively new, more or less popular, are doing just fine.
Let's leave it at that, but allow me to say that Al Pacino as Tony Montana in "Scarface" could have easily borrowed his famous quote about the two things he ain't breaking for no one to the founders of Hacker Noon and goLance. 

John Wick's Tattoos 

Talking about movies, we can all agree what's the tattoo you can't possibly miss on John Wick's back, can't we? 
Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat - Fortune Favors the Bold
In this case, the future belongs to the bold. The last time I checked, Hacker Noon was among the top 4K websites in the world (according to Alexa). A month or two earlier, back on Medium, Hacker Noon was among the top 5K. What's going to happen one year from now at this tempo?
GoLance won not one, not two, but actually three American Business Awards®:
  1. The Gold Stevie® Award for its Management and Payment Platform for Online Freelance Workers,
  2. The Bronze Stevie® Award as A Complete Online Workforce Platform in the Business Technology category for Vendor Management Solutions, and
  3. The People’s Choice Stevie® Award for Favorite New Products.
Don't get me wrong. Hacker Noon is not a pro-goLance publishing platform. Also, goLance has a long featured section on their website. 
All I'm saying is this; if you want to find out more about my work, you have to look me up on goLance - only
If you want to read my new stories, you can find them on Hacker Noon - exclusively
For me, goLance is the Hacker Noon of freelancing just as Hacker Noon is goLance of publishing. You ask me about uncompromising independence, and I say - Hacker Noon. You ask me about the ultimate freedom, and I say - goLance


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