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Hackernoon logoIs Forex Trading Actually Safer Than Many Other Traditional Investment Options? by@8topuz

Is Forex Trading Actually Safer Than Many Other Traditional Investment Options?

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@8topuzAnthony Munns

Head of Digital at 8topuz

There is a common myth that Forex (FX) is inherently dangerous to trade due to its natural volatility and therefore a bad choice to base an investing or growth strategy on.

Sure many FX traders win and make a living from the sector, but it can be easily seen that due to the complexity of global politics, fluctuations in the FX market can lead many amateur traders to lose their money, especially when many brokers still offer large leverage to entice traders to go riskier in the lure of bigger profits.

Let me put this to you another way...

If you had an amazing expert FX trader working on your behalf that really understood the currency movements, and letโ€™s say they had a method of making these small currency pair changes profitable by and large, then the inherent constant fluctuation of the FX market could be argued to be more useful to the expert.

Traditional investing susceptible to Global Shocks

So Imagine if you actually put all your money in a more traditional investment vehicle and we saw a global shock that we see repeatedly, the reality is you will have potentially lost a lot of your investment capital overnight with no easy way to fix the situation.

But if you focused on diversifying and investing in the FX market with a clear and conservative strategy, you can not only capitalise on a large shock to the market, it can be possible to continue to grow your investments despite any global slowdown, geopolitical issues or industry shocks.

But YOU are NOT an expert trader I hearโ€ฆ

Clearly, if you are not an expert trader who has invested a lot of time and money into developing your skills and systems then the FX market is still a volatile option that can easily eat your money!

But somewhere in this range of experts and amateurs, we have winners, and this is the huge opportunity and gap we saw at 8topuz.

You see as expert veterans in the FX sector, we knew many years ago that a well designed High-Frequency Trading (HFT) system works, and once more advanced technology, machine learning, and AI was available we could develop a system and scale our profitable manual strategies and improve it year on year.

Alternative Automated AI Wealth Strategy

So how can a non-trader tap into our own AI Trading Software that offers 2-4% audited ROI per month (24-48%/ year)?

Actually very easily, once we have spoken to you about the service in more detail, and you are fully understanding of the full 8topuz product, you will then be invited to choose a broker from one of our partner list.

Once this has been down we will be able to set your account up and you will have the 8topuz software applied to your MT4 trading platform so you can benefit from the 8topuz system for your own investment requirements.

And putting it simple, it really is a case of sitting back and letting the machine do all the work!

Who does 8topuz typically work with?

8topuz works with a wide variety of investors from personal investors, to fund managers and those who are tired of actually trading the FX market but understand there are still ways to make the FX market work for you long-term.

Still a bit confused?

Why not speak to an 8topuz Wealth FinTech specialist today and you can learn more about the service and how we can help you with a demo account, audited data and our AI Investing E-Book.

Get started today and grow your wealth the intelligent way!


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