Is Amazon Affiliate Marketing Dead? by@Andy D

Is Amazon Affiliate Marketing Dead?


The question of whether Amazon Associates Affiliate marketing is dead has been raised many times. Why? Because of the recently announced cuts in the commission fees. If you were not aware, Amazon announced a reduction in commission fees from 8% to 3% for some of the categories of products.

I will answer the query that this article is targeting: Is Amazon affiliate marketing dead? However, before that, a quick introduction to affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing?

As an affiliate marketer, you are given a distinctive identifier, and if you drove customers to Amazon from your link, you made money for any purchases that were made. While there was constant growth visible alongside a boom in the affiliate space, it implied that the whole situation is not going to slow down anytime soon. 

Ever wondered whether the tactic that almost outperformed anything that came on its way, for the longest, could die a natural death? But in reality, has it? The article below delves deeper, read on to find out.  

Affiliate programs desire success for everyone

Retail and companies are having a gradual and increasing shift online. The e-commerce giants like Etsy, Ali Express, and Amazon are doing exceptionally well because they are presenting excellent online experiences. 

And, businesses not pivoting online are perishing. So, every enterprise must make affiliate base investments to see positive growth. That is because as Amazon Affiliate Marketing affiliates earn, so does the business hence leading to a win-win situation.

Increase in buyers 

There has been an increase in the number of people coming online as almost everyone has access to the internet. People are mostly making online purchases by sharing their information on payment with the tightening of security measures. 

Therefore, this is appreciable news for an Amazon Affiliate Marketing affiliate residing anywhere. That is because their target audience will have no limits, and from the billion-dollar pie, you can claim your share.  

Success on the cards for authority brands 

A long path always works well for making cash online. This path involves niche creation, awesome content creation, building the brand in the niche as the authority, generating loyal fans, and generating free visitors. 

When you are an authority brand, you reap the benefits of drawing the most attention while generating the most amount of passive income. Also, being a practised Amazon Affiliate Marketing affiliate, you get better rates on commission and an increased number of incentivized offers. 

The crux of the matter 

Amazon Affiliate Marketing is far from dead. It has made life difficult for online marketers. As an affiliate marketer you need to up your game and be prepared for further changes.

Update yourself on what works and what does not. Be aware of the strategies that affiliates and merchants are using, stay informed of the issues, stakes, and best practices.


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