Good day guys. I believe you must have been wondering or thinking of how possible the the title of this article cane be. I’m here to assure you that it is possible. Today i will be discussing a project whose concept, aim and objective is focused on achieving this. I present you Coinvest, a company whose goal is to create decentralized tools for reliable and secure investment in crypto assets. Lets look deep into the project.

What is Coinvest?

Coinvest is the world’s first decentralised investment trading market for cryptocurrencies i which you can invest in multiple cryptocurrencies and index funds with one account, one wallet, and one coin. Coinvest wants to create a user friendly platform but unlike most of the exchanges, coinvest will be decentralized. (by this I mean that users are responsible for saving their private keys, where third parties do not have the possibility of Keep your coins in case they run away!). Obviously, there have been other platform with similar concept even if not as detailed as coinvest but what makes coinvest stand out is the fact that the exchanges are made through intelligent contracts, which act as autonomous agents and where a third party does not intervene, that gives you the possibility as users to deny access to any other person on your digital assets. Simply means that centralized third parties, whose services are often required in the case of traditional investments, will be replaced by smart contracts that act as stand-alone agents and at the program level compensate all users, investors and owners in the Coinvest ecosystem.

The COIN token will serve to support the trading platform where its value will increase as more users adopt this decentralized exchange, since the higher volume of transactions will be higher the price of COIN. Participating in the crowdsale guarantees you COIN tokens that you can use in the Coinvest ecosystem to execute smart contract investment transactions or purchase products and services from ecosystem partners. Early contributors of COIN are subject to bonuses, lower prices, and do not incur exchange fees from purchasing COIN on the secondary market in the future.

How it works

All coivest involves is simply creating a coinvest portfolio with your favourite cryptocurrency, Trade with them and withdraw directly the investment with the created smart contract. And lastly, you can easily spend coin using your debit card. About the debit card, Coinvest plan includes the issuance of a debit card or partnering with a project like TenX, Metal or Monaco. This would allow a user to spend COIN without having to leave the Coinvest ecosystem.

But these processes works as a result of some components of this platform. The three main components of Coinvest are what allow the system to work. These components are:

Coinvest Dapp

The App is the user interface that allows customers to:

  • Invest in an individual cryptocurrency
  • Create and invest in a custom portfolio (collection) of cryptocurrencies
  • Invest in an index fund or active managed fund of cryptocurrencies.
  • Track their portfolios
  • Withdraw COIN

After selecting or creating their fund the user will execute a trade using COIN and sending it to a smart contract. The Coinvest App will act like an exchange user interface and will allow for advanced trading including short selling, limit orders, and in the future, margin, option and futures trading.

Coinvest Protocol

The protocol is the heart of the project, it is how transaction information is recorded onto the blockchain. When a user executes a trade and sends their COIN to a smart contract the details are recorded to the blockchain.

The details stored on the blockchain include time of trade, user wallet address, index name, cryptonized asset names, asset prices, asset allocation, amount invested and eventually the sell timestamp.

The smart contract will provide a truly decentralized experience because a users funds are not touched by a third party API.

Reserve Funds

In order for users to trust cryptonized assets Coinvest has created two separate reserve funds so that all investments are fully collateralized (backed by real assets). This should minimize the risk of default or non performance of cryptonized assets.

The reserves will be funded intially via the crowdsale then by using 75% of company profits to continuously replenish the ecosystem.

The first reserve is the liquidity pool (COIN reserve). The COIN reserve is completely autonomous managed only by smart contract and its purpose is to ensure collateralization, back portfolio investments and to distribute trading profits.

The second reserve is managed by asset managers at Coinvest and will provide additional collateralization, redundancy and insurance for investors. This fund may track user investments 1:1 or may skew and attempt to beat the performance of users.

What you stand to gain

  • Trade awards: Users will receive COIN rewards for each transaction on the Coinvest platform.
  • Super Trader: Users profit from transactions in your virtual investment portfolio
  • Fund Management: Users receive 50% of commission income from users who invest in your personal fund
  • Valuation: Platform selection, transaction volume and redemption increase the value of COIN


The sale of tokens will take place on February 16 as indicated on its official website, below I will let you know information. For the sale of tokens, $ 700 per 1000 COIN tokens will be requested, although there are several bonuses that can be used if one enters as one of the first investors.

The ICO consisted of a private presale and a crowdsale. The presale is officially over, it was oversubbed by 3.3x but the project held the purchases to a total of $3.3 million or 4% of the total token supply. This crowdsale is mid cap with a hardcap of $30 million. This places the value of the total supply at approximately $75M (token price of $.70 * total supply of tokens) which is higher than most recent ICOs but this project needs a high number to create a useable reserve liquidity pool. The ICO funds and future fund distribution are as follows:

There is no whitelist but KYC is required. The price per token for the crowdsale is approximately $.63 including the 10% bonus. The presale group received 25% bonus and no lockup. However, large strategic partners, team and advisers have tokens vested over a 5 year period.

The token sale is attempting to sell 49% of the approximately 107,000,000 COIN tokens. All unsold tokens will be stored in the reserve liquidity pool. Tokens will be released immediately but frozen until the end of the crowdsale.

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